A visual GUI that accelerates development.

Teneo Studio isn’t just a regular coding environment. It takes a unique visual approach to assembling conversational AI applications.

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As simple as drag and drop.

A powerful, but intuitive tool, Teneo Studio provides the natural language development and analytics services to create conversational AI applications in record time without the need for specialist linguistic skills.

Teneo Studio allows for non-experts to easily construct dialogues and business logic using the powerful flow chart structure. Adding new dialogues or updating responses is as simple as drag and drop, while one click publishing ensures any changes made are instantly available.

The graphical interface also makes it easy to understand what is and isn’t working with the dialog flow, with the ability to make manual adjustments where necessary. By switching between flow charts and the more detailed building blocks, developers can dive in and out of the details without losing sight of the high-level business goals of the natural language interface.

In simple cases, a quick glance at a flow might be sufficient to see what its purpose is. In more complex cases, the visual flow architecture provides indispensable aid for a developer who is about to work on the application. The flow diagrams hold both the dialogue components and test cases, which means that the flows constitute their own documentation.

Enterprise ready, Teneo enables disparate teams – consisting of both technical developers and more business-minded designers – to collaborate on the same solution. It supports custom enterprise workflows to enable existing policies and processes to be followed, which can be deployed directly from the tool.


Chatbots: The Definitive Guide (2020)

Conversational AI Understanding

Project visibility. Not a black box.

All too frequently, conversational development tools operate as a black box offering little or no insight into how the system functions. Teneo Studio resolves this issue.

Thanks to its intuitive visual representation of dialogues as flow charts connecting the conversation between the interface and user, Teneo Studio can give business professionals a glimpse of the internal working of the application. This allows subject matter experts to look at the dialogue flows and give the developers feedback about the digital assistant even before it has been deployed.

This visual representation also means that applications can be easily maintained by business users, who can amend questions and answers.

Teneo Studio isn’t just a development environment for code. It is a purpose-built environment for conversational AI that accelerates the work of building intelligent, humanlike applications. With Teneo, enterprises can develop and add new features to existing conversational applications in hours and days; not weeks and months.