Teneo powers intelligent conversations at a global scale.

Teneo powers intelligent conversations at a global scale.

With 86 languages to choose from and technology that drives the largest Conversational AI deployment on the market, Teneo is the SaaS platform for creating unforgettable conversations. 

Powered by Artificial Solutions, Teneo allows developer teams to build solutions that scale as a business does, while maximizing productivity with minimal fuss. 

So, say goodbye to the days of demo products, limited growth and to the ´one size fits all’ approach and say hello to Teneo, the power platform for Conversational AI. 

What do we do at Artificial Solutions?

We enable you to build Conversational AI solutions faster and spend less time maintaining them.

Our development platform, LUIS^teneo combines two leading technologies in Conversational AI – Teneo and Microsoft LUIS.

Our customers claim that LUIS^teneo is the most productive development platform and environment for Conversational AI.

This is Teneo

Productive. Conversational. Revolutionary.

With a toolkit that allows organizations to create bespoke customer experiences easier, faster and scale, Teneo is loved by developers, business owners and end users alike. 

LUIS^teneo further expands upon our technological capabilities by combining two leading technologies in Conversational AI – Teneo and Microsoft LUIS. Our technology patents are foundational within Conversational AI and as a result are used by Apple, Google, IBM and Microsoft. 

Trusted by enterprises around the globe.

Telefonica O2

 MS LUIS Conversational Bots with TENEO

State-of-the-art Conversational AI platform by Artificial Solutions. State-of-the-art intent and entity recognition by Microsoft.

LUIS^Teneo reinvents productivity within Conversational AI. Build and deploy bots faster than ever before.
Achieve 50%+ efficiency starting today
Reduce the risk of a failed implementations
Ensure visibility and productive collaboration across teams
Free up time for innovation & ambition

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Why choose Teneo?

  • The world’s most advanced multimodal & end-to-end Conversational AI platform for both development & operations.
  • Easy to understand graphical flows and advanced developer capabilities
  • SaaS model for low TCO
  • Support for 86 languages
  • Hybrid linguistic approach. NLU leverages difficulties around Patterns handling in MS LUIS.
  • Build Conversational AI solutions in Microsoft Azure faster and more productive.

Watch a demo

Grab your favorite drink, get comfy and watch our engineers show:

  • Teneo’s core components for chatbot development, optimization and analytics.
  • LUIS^Teneo – what it is and how it works.
  • Features such as our unique Hybrid NLU approach, which leverages machine learning models and linguistic conditions for intent and entity recognition.
  • Pre-built resources that will enable developers to easily expand their chatbot’s capabilities by integrating to back-end systems and RPA processes, or making those chatbots available through a wide range of channels, from social media messaging to telephony.
  • Much more!

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