Conversational AI for the Enterprise

Artificial Solutions’ Conversational AI technology makes it easy to build, implement and manage a wide range of natural language applications such as virtual assistants, conversational bots, speech-based conversational UIs for smart devices and more.

Our Teneo platform drives productivity, reduces costs, and delivers unprecedent level of customer insight.

Global companies already rely on our technology to boost their customer journeys and revenues across hundreds of private and public sector deployments.

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Why Teneo?

The Leading Conversational Platform

Teneo provides everything you need to rapidly build advanced, conversational AI applications in one, integrated platform. Build once, deploy everywhere across any platform, service or device.

Its enterprise strength, proven technology is capable of scaling to deliver both the exceptional customer experience your users demand and robust, business continuity to secure your organization’s future.

With support for 86 languages, seamless integration into widely used services and extensive data mining tools, all backed up by a team of experts ready to help, Teneo is the only conversational platform you will ever need.

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MS LUIS Conversational Bots with TENEO

Expanding on the MS LUIS framework, Teneo enables businesses to build complex applications, that are multi-lingual, multi-channel and multi-platform, in half the time of traditional development practices.

With seamless integration into any back-end system or service, developers can easily expand capabilities and functionality while ensuring a consistent end-user experience.

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Conversational AI for online shopping and sales


Increase Qualified Leads and Accelerate Your Revenue

Intelligently guiding customers from initial contact to qualified sales lead, MQLtoSQL helps you to significantly increase online conversion rates, grow brand loyalty and receive in-depth business insight.

Reimagine digital customer engagement using the power of Conversational AI to boost sales online. MQLtoSQL will be launching in 2021; register below to be informed when it becomes available.

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