Conversational AI for Enterprise

Engage your customers with conversational AI over any channel, device or service, in any language, anywhere, using our revolutionary Teneo platform.
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Enterprise Platform

Teneo is the only platform specifically designed for enterprise use.


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Hybrid Approach

Teneo uses linguistic and machine learning techniques for optimal performance.


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Leverage Data

Leverage contextual conversational data to achieve a competitive edge with Teneo.


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Proven Technology

Teneo has been proven through a range of clients and a strong global partner network.





Humanlike. Intelligent. Revolutionary.

Everything you need to create advanced, conversational AI applications. Build once, deploy everywhere. Available in over 35 languages, running over any platform, service or device.
Offering one of the most humanlike experiences available in commercial conversational AI today, Teneo provides the complex capabilities required to create the simple, intuitive experience that your customer demands, while increasing customer engagement.
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Teneo Platform Enterprise

Rich, Humanlike Experience.

Rapidly build advanced conversational AI systems that lets customers interact with applications and electronic devices using speech, text, touch or gesture.
Teneo provides everything business users and developers need to collaborate and build a wide range of conversational AI applications from intelligent virtual assistants and chatbots, to speech-based UIs for smart devices and more.
With Teneo, you can:
  • Increase customer engagement with fast humanlike interactions that are personalized and relevant to the user.
  • Understand the voice of your customer like never before by capturing all of the conversational data, while complying with data privacy regulations.
  • Deliver a consistent brand experience across all digital touch-points in any language.
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Data Suite

Do More with Data.

Turn free-format, conversational data into a pipeline of actionable business insight, and increase engagement to generate even more data.
The more engaged a customer is, the more information they reveal. Since data is so intrinsic to the RoI of conversational AI, we always insist our customers own their data and even provide data mining and data privacy tools to maximize its value.
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Hybrid Approach

Faster. With Greater Accuracy.

A different approach to linguistic and machine learning. Giving enterprises the muscle, flexibility and speed required to develop business-relevant AI applications in record time.
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Try Before You Buy.

Build. Deploy. Analyze.

To demonstrate our strength as the only true enterprise AI platform provider, we are launching Teneo Developers – a resource to allow enterprise developers and partners exclusive access to experience the power of Teneo - to build real working solutions to prove business cases and understand how enterprise Conversational AI should be done.
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