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Speak any language. Like a native.

Develop once — deploy across multiple languages, platforms and channels. In over 35 languages. Maintain corporate consistency globally but customize on a local level.

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A decade of conversational data. Wrapped in a box.

Teneo provides developers with a unique body of data built on billions of real conversations. Known as the Teneo Language Resources, or TLRs for short, these natural language understanding building blocks are crucial in enabling enterprises to quickly build their own conversational applications.

TLRs are pre-built and centrally managed by Artificial Solutions’ own highly qualified computational linguists using advanced tools and resources. Having been continuously developed for over a decade, the TLRs are by far the most advanced language resource available for conversational AI applications.

Available in over 35 languages, the cleverly designed structure of a Teneo Language Resource allows for new languages to be quickly added, while our innovative ‘Master Local’ approach enables organizations to expand their conversational AI applications across other languages, simply by ticking a box.

Teneo Language Resources are designed to use the knowledge accumulated by the current application as the basis of any new conversational AI deployments, resulting in quickly-implemented, yet highly sophisticated solutions. For example, the specific language structures and models for a Swedish bank can be easily ported to a similar institution in Spain, France or Japan.


Chatbots: The Definitive Guide (2020)

Understand humans. Effortlessly.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using machine learning to build conversational AI applications is the staggeringly large amounts of data required to understand humans.

What comes naturally to us, the relationships between words, phrases, sentences, synonyms, lexical entities, concepts etc., must be learned by a machine. For enterprises that don’t have a significant amount of relative and categorized data readily available, this is a costly and time-consuming part of building conversational AI applications.

Our TLRs allow enterprises to teach new conversational applications all the possible language permutations in a matter of moments. The user simply enters a few representative queries, and the TLRs will enable the application to learn all the different ways a user might ask the same exact question.

Because Teneo is available in over 35 languages, the TLRs enable the application to ‘think’ in your native tongue, while delivering the same linguistic sophistication across every other language required. Our technology allows enterprises to share the core knowledge across all deployments whilst retaining the ability to adapt local implementations for different business processes.

With Teneo you can deliver geo-specific conversational AI applications with the feel of a consistent global brand.