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Platform Features

Built with the customer in mind, Teneo is the ultimate platform for enterprise. With conversational data at its heart, Teneo incorporates all the tools needed for global brands and household names to build and manage their own advanced conversational AI applications.

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Build sophisticated conversational AI Applications in record time!

Teneo covers every aspect from creating, extending and optimizing your conversational AI application, to analyzing and understanding the natural language data that delivers unprecedented access to the 'voice of your customer.'

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Rapidly build conversational solutions

The Teneo Platform is not an artefact – it is a development and analytics platform that allows non-computational specialists to rapidly build a wide range of sophisticated conversational solutions.


Advanced capabilities

Deliver the world’s most intelligent, humanlike and capable conversational solutions. Features include:

  • Highly performant
  • Contextual understanding
  • Implicit personalization
  • Memory
  • Conversational persistence
  • Rich custom reporting and analysis
  • …and much more


You own the data

Teneo collects both the structured and unstructured data associated with free-format dialogs, using highly scalable and robust big data techniques.


Unique insight

Purpose-built conversational analytics tools gather unprecedented insight and clarity into what your users are saying and thinking.


Conversational data differentiation

Utilize conversational AI data to:

  • Deliver unprecedented levels of customer insight
  • Optimize the conversational capabilities of your Teneo solutions
  • Monitor and measure KPIs and other performance metrics
  • Deliver closed loop feedback for automated implicit personalization

Reignite customer engagement.

Teneo engages your customers — on their terms.

It does so by delivering the most humanlike conversational AI available today.

But it’s more than just a conversation. It’s capable. It’s intuitive.

From completing forms or resolving queries, to making reservations and controlling your home. Whatever the use case, it can be built in Teneo.

Regardless of how your customers phrase their question, Teneo ensures a consistent, correct and on-brand response. Over every channel. In multiple languages. It personalizes every answer and understands likes and preferences.

Using Teneo, a single sentence can replace a dozen or more clicks on a menu driven system, allowing customers to achieve tasks faster than ever before. With less fuss.

Wherever they are. On whatever device or service they choose.

It’s the frictionless customer experience that Teneo provides that has your customers returning again and again. Allowing you to reignite the customer experience with increased engagement, personalized customer service and improved customer satisfaction.

Conversational AI personalize

Know your customer. Completely.

And with each conversation, you learn a little more about your customer.

This is because when people communicate in a natural, conversational way, they reveal more than just the words they’re saying. Their individual preferences, views, opinions, feelings, inclinations and more are all part of the conversation.

While the internet has enabled businesses to automate much of the customer relationship, it has been at the cost of customer engagement. This lack of two-way interaction not only affects brand loyalty, but also deprives enterprises of its most valuable data — the voice of the customer.

Teneo helps you reconnect with your customers. To learn what they really think about you, your product and the service you provide. Data that you can use to personalize interactions even further helping to drive loyalty and boost revenues.

With Teneo you can access this information, in real-time with ease. A wealth of customer information available at your fingertips, all easily visualized in graphical displays that can be drilled down to the finer points in seconds.

It’s this information that makes the data collated during human-machine conversations so valuable, and why we’ve ensured that Teneo enables enterprises to comply with the strictest of data piracy regulations, including GDPR.

Because even when data has been anonymized it still holds a wealth of information that enterprises can learn from and use to add value to the business.


Chatbots: The Definitive Guide (2020)

Conversational AI

It may seem obvious but there’s a world of difference between answering a question and holding an intelligent conversation. An engaging exchange will not only improve the customer experience, but will deliver the data to help you increase your bottom line.

Teneo understands the user’s intent, no matter how complex the sentence. It is able to ask questions in return to remove ambiguity or simply to discover more about the user. It has a memory in order to reuse key pieces of information throughout the conversation for context or personalization purposes, and be able to bring the conversation back on track, when the user asks off topic questions.

If you’re a multi-national company, you’ll need the conversational AI development platform you choose to do all this, and in your customer’s native language too.

On Premise, On Cloud

Data security is a big issue. Without it, your customer information is vulnerable to being compromised – whether it’s plain theft, or reselling identities on the black market, your users are trusting you to keep their data safe and secure.

However with that requirement for security comes the responsibility of implementing it. Some organisations prefer to keep the data securely within their own four walls, using internal services and hardware – particularly relevant when the data being managed is personal, financial or otherwise sensitive. But others choose to work with world-leading data partners and host information in a managed cloud, relying on the large-scale secure environment that is proven to offer a safe home for information.

Because both options are equally reliable,  Teneo has the flexibility to offer the choice between on-premise hosting in your own secure data centre; or in our managed cloud environment.  So whether you need a fully in-house built and managed solution, a cloud-based implementation project or a mixture of both, Teneo works.

Conversational AI Speed


It’s very difficult to anticipate how people might use, or abuse, an AI application. The problem with some AI development tools is they lack the control required to supervise Machine Learning behavior.

By using Teneo, you can ensure the expected enterprise standard-level of control within the application. Companies can not only avoid awkward mistakes, but provide a safety net for managing exceptions during a conversation ensuring a smooth customer experience at all times.

Highly collaborative and visual, Teneo enables developers and business specialists to work together to build, visualize, optimize and deploy applications.


The majority of AI development tools today are either linguistic or machine learning models. Both have their drawbacks. Purely machine learning systems function, as far as the developer is concerned, as a black-box that cannot work without large amounts of curated training data; something few enterprises have initially.  While linguistic-based conversational systems, which require humans to craft the rules and responses, cannot respond to what it doesn’t know, using statistical data in the same way as a machine learning system can.

Teneo’s hybrid approach, allows enterprises to quickly build AI applications whatever their starting point – with or without data – and then use real-life inputs to optimize the application from day one. In addition, it ensures that the system maintains a consistent and correct personality and behavior aligned with business aims.


Unlike Teneo, few conversational AI development platforms were built with the enterprise in mind. Consequently features you might expect as standard such as version control, roll back capabilities or user roles to manage collaboration over disparate teams are missing.

Among Teneo’s features for enterprise you have automated coding to aid speed of development, web-hooks to allow flexible integration with external systems, and ease of portability to new services, devices and languages.


One of the key considerations in choosing a conversational AI platform is data. People reveal vast amounts of information in conversations; their individual preferences, views, opinions, feelings, inclinations and more are all part of the conversation. This information can then be used to feed-back into the conversation to increase engagement, train and maintain your conversational AI interface and analyzed to deliver actionable business data.

Teneo allows enterprises to maintain ownership of their data. It’s surprising how many development tools allow businesses to create chatbots etc, but don’t actually provide any of the details of the conversation, just the outcome, such as a pizza delivery order.

Alongside data ownership, Teneo’s data analytics package allows for drilling down through the information and understanding the context of conversations, as well as the level of detail provided.

Conversational AI Transactions


Personalizing an automated conversation, whether it’s simply accessing account information to answer a billing query or taking into consideration a customer’s love of Italian cuisine when recommending a restaurant, not only delivers a more accurate response, it increases engagement too.

While some information can be learned explicitly such as the customer choosing a preference from a list of features, it’s the automated learning through implicit methods including previous interactions that really harnesses the power of conversational AI. This can then be combined with other information such as geo-location to personalize the conversation even further.

Conversational AI Secure Conversations


Data security is a key consideration for any enterprise, particularly when dealing with regulatory frameworks and your customers’ personal information, and flexibility is essential in a conversational AI platform to meet today’s exacting security conditions, across multiple geographies and legal requirements.

Conversational AI Devices


Conversational applications are gradually infiltrating all aspects of everyday life, so it makes sense to ensure that you can easily port your conversational applications to existing and future devices. While it’s easy to state that applications can be built to run on a variety of platforms or services, all too frequently each one requires a complete new build. This is not the case with Teneo; build once, deploy many times.

In addition, to cross platform capability, Teneo based applications will support your users as they swap from device to device during the day. Seamless persistence of conversations increases engagement and customer satisfaction.


Teneo is a robust, highly scalable technology, proven across hundreds of large projects covering a wide range of conversational applications. It is highly performant, supporting both cloud and on-premise implementations. Applications developed using Teneo can run across multiple languages, devices, channels and platforms.

Conversational AI Champion


By adding an intelligent conversational UI into mobile apps, organizations can truly differentiate themselves from their competitors while increasing efficiency. Customization enables you to add your brand not just visually, but in the persona of your conversational UI from the language they use to the actions they take.