why choose the teneo platform 

Why Choose the Teneo Platform?

Teneo brings the previously complex task of building enterprise AI solutions back into the business. It allows business users and developers to collaborate on creating sophisticated natural language applications in record time, with no need for coders, computational linguists or data scientists; and no ongoing dependence on external agencies.

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One Platform for All Customer Interactions

Teneo is the only unified natural language development and analytics platform that enables enterprises to build an intelligent, conversational AI solution that can be simultaneously surfaced across multiple channels, devices and languages, regardless of whether your customers are using voice, text, touch or gesture to communicate with you.

With Teneo, your brand is represented in a single, consistent style and tone of voice across every touchpoint; and as a scalable platform, you will be able to develop and maintain your solution to suit changing business needs. Teneo’s integrated analytics capabilities will also give you the tools to unlock, understand and act on real-life customer data to grow your business and achieve a competitive edge.

Teneo is different. Teneo is the only AI for Enterprise.

The Benefits of Teneo

  • Conversational

    Conversational AI gives your business a competitive edge. By enabling your customers to talk directly to you, using their own everyday speech and phrases, you open up communication channels and build customer engagement.

    Communication with your customers is the key to success and, and being available on the channels they want to use to talk to you, when and how they choose to do so, is vital for enterprises that are serious about using the voice of their customer to build and develop a real 21st Century engagement strategy. And being able to truly listen, understand and respond in kind to this goldmine is a clear opportunity to derive a significant competitive advantage.

  • Enterprise

    Built specifically for the needs of the modern enterprise, and based on years of practical, real-life experience of real implementations at leading household names around the world, Teneo is the only solution available that specifically understands the way enterprises need to manage and improve communications with their customers and users.

    Teneo has been designed to be flexible and adaptable to the multi-geographical, multi-lingual business that is now existing in a complex BYOD and OS-agnostic environment. It is also uniquely able to offer a single solution that can also handle the security, technological and business requirements that come with large enterprise organizations.

  • Hybrid

    Teneo uses a unique combination of linguistic and statistical conditions. This means it can start working from day one, whether training data is available or not. If not, it can learn from sample data generated by the users. If and when data is available, Teneo will use this for even more refined training. This approach ensures the enterprise always has complete control over Teneo from day one.

    This “best of both” approach means no enterprise is forced into unsuitable implementation processes or a white elephant scenario, where they end up with a solution that simply does not work the way their business does.

  • Data

    Owning and understanding the conversations you have with your customers offers a unique opportunity to enterprises.

    Teneo enables you to capture, interpret and use the natural language data of every interaction of every customer through every channel to deliver the ultimate customer experience today and in the future.

    From creating additional revenue streams to protecting brand image across diverse cultural and linguistic barriers, Teneo ensures the most desirable of corporate goals; consistency across all interactions.

  • Proven

    Developed over decades of real-life implementations, and with awards ranging from Stevies to Techies to Glomos, Teneo is arguably one of the most decorated AI platforms around. And this independent accreditation is complemented by numerous patents for our technology, which means you can be sure that you are working with a consistently rated, proven and established expert.

    If further evidence were needed, our client list reads like a roll-call of global household names, all of who have recognized the value of Teneo as a key part of their strategic customer engagement plans.

  • Control

    Designed with user-friendliness in mind, Teneo is the most advanced automated natural language development platform available. By removing the reliance on specialist skills such as computational linguistics, Teneo puts the business user in control making it faster to develop projects and maintain visibility at all times.

    It also moves the management and updating of natural language applications from the IT department to the marketing, operations and customer services teams that need to update and change content at a moment’s notice.

    By reducing the cost of managing natural language applications, Teneo Studio demonstrably reduces TCO, leading to a much quicker Return on Investment.

  • Security

    Data security is a key consideration for any enterprise, particularly so when dealing with regulatory frameworks and your customers’ personal information. Teneo understands that security is paramount and ensures that whichever approach taken, the data is secure and protected. We also believe in the customer’s choice, so we’ve made sure Teneo can work with any configuration.

    With both self-hosted on premise or cloud hosting options, Teneo can be tailored to the most exacting security conditions, across multiple geographies and legal requirements. We work with our customers to ensure the most appropriate security arrangement is implemented according to need.

  • Personalization

    Teneo’s real-time gathering of knowledge and insight into what your customer is thinking can be used for implicit personalization to deliver ever-increasing levels of personalization.

    Using sophisticated machine learning and rules-based algorithms, implicit personalization enables NLI applications to learn about a user’s likes and dislikes through conversations in order to ensure greater accuracy in the responses it provides.

  • Cross Platform

    Teneo is the only NLI platform that is able to continue interacting with users as they switch between platforms, devices and languages. Teneo remembers the context of a conversation and can continue without the user needing to repeat information as they switch devices during the day, regardless of the operating system used. This means users can stop, start and continue conversations from their home to their workplace, across their smartphones, connected devices and the IoT, in any language.

  • Differentiation

    Teneo allows you to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace by providing exceptional customer experience, while reinforcing a positive brand image. Offering a convenient, always-on and intelligent communication channel will mark out those enterprises that genuinely want to engage with their customers.

    Enhancing this by giving your AI solutions a personality that suits the nature and ethos of your organization will result in a much closer and more engaged customer relationship. In a crowded and competitive market, this edge may be the deciding factor for business success.

10 Things to Ask Your Next Digital Employee

teneo interaction engine

Teneo Interaction Engine

The brains of your NLI application and the core of our artificial intelligence and linguistic capabilities.

teneo studio

Teneo Studio

Create NLI Solutions using this powerful and intuitive tool, developed to put non-technical users in control.

teneo natural language interaction

Teneo Language Resources

Facilitate the understanding of a specific language to enable an application to understand user queries, extract meaning and react appropriately.

teneo Data

Teneo Data

An extremely fast, powerful analytics and reporting application that gives you valuable insight into your customers’ needs and behavior.