Do more with conversational data

Turn free-format, conversational data into a pipeline of actionable business insight, and increase engagement to generate even more data.

The more engaged a customer is, the more information they reveal. Since data is so intrinsic to the RoI of conversational AI, we always insist our customers own their data and even provide data mining and privacy tools to maximize its value.

Unlock the Value in Conversational Data

Demonstration of teneo Data

Teneo Data is a suite of supporting modules that delivers unprecedented levels of big data insight and true ‘voice of your customer’ understanding. Information that can be used to personalize the conversation, improve the system and deliver actionable insight to the business.

  • Teneo Discovery enables businesses to take massive amounts of raw, unstructured data from multiple sources and instantly classify them into a highly visual representation of the key issues and questions being asked.
  • Teneo Inquire is a purpose-built tool that provides access to clean data for use in interactive management dashboards, data-driven products, and third-party BI tools. It helps businesses monitor their operations as well as optimize and improve their Teneo conversational AI applications.

Using Teneo Data, organizations can move beyond basic business intelligence and offer greater customer personalization, targeted recommendations and predictive AI models.

Teneo Data explained

Secure your greatest asset and protect privacy

Data is at the heart of conversational AI. But realizing its intrinsic value relies on three key points — data ownership, privacy and security.

With Teneo, you own the data generated. You receive all of the interactions that take place, not just "the final pizza order". This is important because hidden inside conversational data is the “voice of the customer” information that provides enterprises with the business insights and trends it needs to grow. Unlike other natural language tools that hold back this data, Teneo allows enterprises to mine it to deliver true machine learning and implicit personalization.

Data regulation is tightening but deriving significant value and benefits from conversational AI is still achievable with Teneo, even when complying with the most stringent of data protection legislation. Teneo is the first conversational AI platform to provide strong data-control capabilities including advanced anonymization and pseudonymization to help clients meet compliance with data privacy regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In addition, you can self-host the entire deployment of Teneo. Data security is a key consideration for any enterprise, particularly when dealing with regulatory frameworks and customers’ personal information. Teneo’s open architecture allows organizations to meet today’s exacting security conditions, across multiple geographies and legal requirements.

Deploy in the Cloud or on-premises

Data security is a big issue. Without it, your customer information is vulnerable to being compromised – whether it’s plain theft, or reselling identities on the black market, your users are trusting you to keep their data safe and secure.

However, with that requirement for security comes the responsibility of implementing it. Some organizations prefer to keep the data securely within their own four walls, using internal services and hardware – particularly relevant when the data being managed is personal, financial or otherwise sensitive. But others choose to work with world-leading data partners and host information in a managed cloud, relying on the large-scale secure environment that is proven to offer a safe home for information.

Because both options are equally reliable, Teneo has the flexibility to offer the choice between on-premise hosting in your own secure data centre; or in our managed cloud environment. So, whether you need a fully in-house built and managed solution, a cloud-based implementation project or a mixture of both, Teneo works.

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