What is Teneo Data?

Teneo Data is an extremely fast, powerful analytics and reporting application that gives you valuable insight into your customers’ needs and behavior by tracking and analyzing customer conversations in near real-time.

Understand, Interpret and
React with Teneo Data

Teneo Data enables you to understand, interpret and react to the massive volumes of natural language data generated by the conversations held between you and your customers every day. Making sense of this torrent of priceless, ‘first person’ insight will give you the power to really hear the voice of your customer and enable you to respond to them in the manner, channel and tone of voice they want.

Teneo Data is made up of three tools: Teneo Insight, Teneo Discovery and Teneo Inquire.

Teneo Insight helps businesses monitor their operations as well as optimize and improve their Teneo natural language solutions, with information displayed on interactive management dashboards, integrated into third-party BI tools or delivered via customizable reports.

Teneo Discovery enables businesses to take massive amounts of raw, unstructured data from multiple sources and instantly classify them into a highly visual representation of the key issues and questions being asked, all in real time.

Teneo Inquire is a purpose-built tool that provides access to clean data for use in dashboards, data-driven products, and data science experiments. Normally, cleaning raw data is a difficult, time-consuming task undertaken only by data analysis experts.

Interpreting and Understanding Conversational Data with Teneo

Showing how Teneo Insight, Teneo Discovery and Teneo Inquire allow users to gain actionable insight from free-format data.
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Listen and Act On the Information Your Customer Tells You

People reveal significant amounts of information about their views, sentiment, likes and dislikes, what they want or don’t want and much more when they communicate in a natural, conversational manner.

With Teneo Data you can analyze natural language conversations, providing insightful data that can transform the bottom line for many organizations. In conjunction with the Teneo Interaction Engine, conversations are interpreted, automatically tagged and categorized to reveal trends, issues and business insight that would be almost impossible to gather through other means.

This information can be further enhanced by using the intelligence of NLI to ask users specific questions if the opportunity arises during a conversation, giving the organization insightful, actionable data directly from customers.

Whether these conversations take place with NLI applications such as automated online virtual assistants and mobile personal assistants, or with other channels such as social media feeds, chat-logs, call transcripts, emails and Contact Us forms, the data can be captured, interpreted and analyzed. In addition, it can be cross referenced with other sources of knowledge.

What are the most frequently asked questions by your customers? When they look for information, what’s missing? Is your website working for them – does it navigate naturally? How often do they come looking? What more can you do to make sure your virtual assistant delivers a great customer experience, every time? Teneo Data can tell you.

A Step Closer to True Artificial Intelligence

Use Teneo Data to understand what your customers want – and then use that knowledge to build greater intelligence into your virtual assistant.
When this knowledge is dynamically combined with and surfaced through NLI applications such as a mobile personal assistant, true machine learning and implicit personalization at an individual level is achieved. This demonstrates the next generation of human-technology interfaces and is a significant step towards self-learning and true artificial intelligence.

10 Things to Ask Your Next Digital Employee

teneo platform

Teneo Platform

Teneo is an ultra-rapid NLI development and analytics platform that allows non-technical users to create sophisticated natural language applications.

teneo interaction engine

Teneo Interaction Engine

The brains of your NLI application and the core of our artificial intelligence and linguistic capabilities.

teneo studio

Teneo Studio

Create NLI Solutions using this powerful and intuitive tool, developed to put non-technical users in control.

Teneo Language Resources

Teneo Language Resources

Facilitate the understanding of a specific language to enable an application to understand user queries, extract meaning and react appropriately.