The Conversational AI Platform Designed for Enterprise

Teneo is the only platform designed to fulfil the most important technical requirements made by industry-leading innovators.

Our proprietary technology has been developed over 20 years and operates as part of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, providing the greatest tools and features for successful Conversational AI development.

Scale without Limits. Scale without Risk.

Our SaaS architecture provides native Deployment, Testing, and Development capabilities to align with your enterprise processes. With adaptive scaling and resource management, you will never miss another customer, no matter where in the world or whichever channel they prefer.

Focus your teams on value creation, creativity, innovation, scaling up use cases, and adding languages and channels instead of infrastructure patching, troubleshooting and tedious server maintenance.

Deploy endpoints with speed and rigor across dev, qa, and the auto-scalable prod environments. And re-deploy in production with zero downtime.

Our pay-as-you-go SaaS model gives you the confidence and control you need to scale cost-effectively.

Speak your customer's language

Create multilingual solutions in less time and with less effort. Combining the power of machine learning with our proprietary linguistic modeling capabilities. Create accurate and precise solutions in one language, and scale them efficiently across other languages as your solution grows.

Combine the flexibility and agility of Machine Learning with the speed and precision of our patented Linguistic Modelling Language.

Leverage our in-house catalog of 30,000+ out-of-box Natural Language building blocks, spanning 85+ different languages.

Using our unique “Master-Local” framework, never rebuild from scratch again when supporting a new language, new brand tonality or use case.

Connect with your Customers, Anywhere

Teneo seamlessly integrates with the channels and platforms that operate throughout your contact center. Our clients' largest implementations are voice, telephony and contact center-based but most of our clients have at least two or more channels where web or text are the second highest in volume.
Ecosystem Integration

Teneo is optimized to embed within your ecosystem, rather than as a bolt-on technology, ensuring you avoid friction, lag, and latency regardless of the channel.

Straightforward API

Be in control with a straightforward design of our conversational API makes any channel connection easy to setup and scale.

Open-source, free-to-use

That’s why our community and partners contribute to a growing set of open-source, free-to-use, expand ,customize systems and channel connectors.

Catch issues early, or better yet avoid them entirely.

Capture all the details of conversational data before, during, and after deployment. Our “No black box” paradigm allows you to gain real-time visibility into the performance of every conversation and full processing transparency of your solution and flow stack. Seamless integration with your business intelligence and analytics ecosystem.

Designed from years of requirements from client developers. Our advanced “Try Out” interface enables developers and testers to see with high granularity what exactly is happening behind the scenes of a conversation.

Built-in Auto-Test functionality enables you to scale up your quality controls without requiring a massive increase in manual testing.

Every conversation and its associated metadata are accessible, reportable, and designed to integrate with your broader digital strategy. Use our Inquire API or available Data Connectors to share data to your data warehouses.

How Swisscom harnessed Teneo's features to launch multiple CAI solutions

Swisscom is the largest Telecommunications provider in Switzerland and started using Teneo to design and develop highly complex customer journeys at the start of 2020. The Conversational AI system was created to support contact centers by answering incoming customer calls in German, Italian, French and English. After a rapid two-year period of growth and an expansion of their Conversational AI offerings as part of Swisscom TV and the Swisscom Box, Swisscom's technical team have earned plaudits from across the Conversational AI sector for the results they have achieved.

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Net Promoter Score (NPS) increase of +18 points

0 M

9 million calls per year supported by Teneo built CAI solution

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Solution covers German, Italian, French and English

Read more about Swisscom's CAI technical excellence

Learn how Swisscom has developed conversational voice solutions and chatbots to drive digital engagement, increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.
Read Case Study here

Protect your Data and Guarantee your Service

With enterprise-grade security, data backup & protection, and a service-level agreement of 99.9%, our SaaS solution gives you a highly scalable service without any security or resiliency compromises.

ISO27001 compliant with complete support for data protection requirements such as GDPR or CCPA.

Apply your own additional encryption or prescriptive PII anonymization code for the conversational data when needed.

Data backup and retention policies meet your data legislation requirements and further bolster your ability to recover quickly and confidently from the unexpected.

Get the Expert Support you need to be most effective

We know it is not just about technology. Leverage our 20+ years of experience in designing, building, and scaling conversational AI solutions. Our Customer Success team will be there to support you along the entire journey from idea to implementation and beyond.
Customer Success

A Team for your success. Did you know that our amazing CS team got 4.6/5 satisfaction rating from our clients?

Platform Support

Uptime SLA on our prod-endpoints. Quick and ambitious support for our services. We are here to enable your success.

Feedback Loop

Our Teneo SaaS service is here thanks to our close collaboration with our clients and partners. Join our community and help us remain a top provider of Conversational AI platforms.

Increase your Team’s Productivity

Incredible customer experience development is a team effort. Teneo is a place where cross-functional teams come to collaborate, design, and develop world-leading conversations in record time through an intuitive Teneo Studio experience.

Conversation Designers, Technical Developers, Project Leaders & Business Users collaborating together.

Build any bot with the right tools for the job. intuitive no Code, low code, and pro code interfaces.

Develop, test, approve and publish with enterprise-mature controls & processes, all from a single platform.

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