What Is the Teneo Platform?

Teneo is an Enterprise-strength NLI development and analytics platform that allows business users and developers to collaborate on creating sophisticated natural language applications in record time without the need for specialist linguistic skills.

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Disruptive technology that will transform your business

Natural language is changing how people expect to interact with the devices and services they use every day. But intelligent interaction is more than understanding simple commands.

Teneo will deliver the personalized AI user experience your customers and employees want today, and the natural language capabilities to the build the cognitive apps they will demand tomorrow.

Artificial Solutions has redefined natural language technology with the Teneo platform. Teneo can:

  • Operate across any device, OS or channel
  • Work in 35 languages
  • Understand multiple pieces of information given in a single sentence
  • Remember facts and learn about user’s preferences
  • Ask questions of its own as a natural part of a conversation
  • Prompt users for additional information required to carry out a task
  • Seamlessly integrate into back-end and third party systems
  • Follow users around as they switch devices and remember the conversation
  • Predict a user’s needs based on contextual information
  • Provide real-time detailed analysis of conversations

Building Conversational
Systems with Teneo

This short animation explains how the Teneo Platform enables enterprises to build advanced conversational flows, and then continuously optimize and improve them.

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Intelligent in Every Aspect, from Creation to Analysis

Teneo is a complete technical platform of closely integrated modules for the development, execution and analysis of intelligent NLI applications such as speech-enabled mobile personal assistants, apps, chatbots, wearables and online virtual agents for customer service and sales.

This patented, award-winning platform isn’t just about delivering an intelligent, sophisticated experience to your customers and employees.

The revolutionary approach that Teneo takes allows developers to create in days that which can take months in competitive products. We’ve ensured that every aspect of the Teneo platform is fast and easy to use.

Consisting of four core components, Teneo Interaction Engine, Teneo Studio, Teneo Language Resources and Teneo Data, the platform ensures that every aspect from creating and maintaining your NLI application to analysing customer feedback is easy.

teneo interaction engine

Teneo Interaction Engine

The brains of any NLI application and the core of our artificial intelligence and linguistic capabilities.

teneo studio

Teneo Studio

Create sophisticated NLI solutions using this powerful and intuitive tool, developed to put non-technical users in control.

teneo natural language interaction

Teneo Language Resources

Deliver conversational NLI solutions in any language, using carefully curated modular language resource libraries.

teneo Data

Teneo Data

Real-time powerful analytics and reporting that gives you actionable insight based on the voice of your customer.