Scania & Teneo: Creating Conversational Experiences

Supplier Platform (SPP) Bot with Scania & Teneo

Conversational AI Solutions that provides support to Scania's suppliers with questions around login, invoicing, and much more.
  • Language: English
  • Channel: Web
  • Planned integration with a financial database to retrieve further details related to invoicing status
Chat with the Bot
Conversational AI for IT support

Customer Service Bot

Internal Conversational AI solutions that supports Scania's employees with IT-related questions including cancelling subscriptions, resetting passwords, and much more.
  • Languages: Swedish (deployed in Sweden) and French (deployed in France)
  • Channels: deployed on Scania’s intranet and on Teams
  • Planned integration with live chat
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Humanlike. Intelligent. Revolutionary.

Everything you need to create advanced, conversational AI applications. Build once, deploy everywhere. Available in 86 languages, running over any platform, service or device.

Take customer satisfaction to the next level

Teneo puts the power of conversational AI into the hands of your enterprise.

The platform allows business users and developers to collaborate and create a wide range of sophisticated conversational AI applications that automate the customer journey, while increasing engagement through humanlike, intelligent dialog.

Smart AI chatbots that answer queries faster. Virtual assistants that advise users while improving the customer experience. Humanlike digital assistants that drive online sales and differentiate your product. Intelligent voice interfaces that increase employee productivity and efficiency. All this and more can be created easily with Artificial Solutions’ conversational AI platform, Teneo.

Build sophisticated conversational AI applications to create a frictionless experience throughout the entire customer journey.


Deliver over any channel, in any language, intelligent, interactive applications capable of carrying out the most complex of tasks.


Collect conversational data and use it to personalize the conversation even further, while still complying with privacy regulations.


Learn from the data analysis that reveals hidden “voice of the customer” insights to improve your bottom line.


Utilize the data and the AI assets within the current application to maintain and expand your use of conversational AI.

Interested in a solution like Scania & Teneo?

For more information about Scania's Conversational AI solutions please contact your colleague Torbjörn Oliveira Luna – Product Owner Business Automation (
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Technical Demo

Click on the video to watch our technical demo and discover the power of the Teneo Platform at your own pace and whenever is convenient for you.

With its modular structure, flexible architecture and unique global/local language features, Teneo is the only conversational AI platform that allows for fast, robust and scalable chatbot development by integrating with (and expanding) Microsoft LUIS services.


How to Develop Scalable Multilingual Conversational AI Applications like Scania & Teneo

Enterprises are faced with the challenge of creating global conversational solutions that can engage customers in many languages all over the world and still understand them effortlessly. This may sound like a huge task – but it doesn’t need to be, as shown with the deployment of Scania & Teneo.

In this webinar, Tim Bartz, Presales Consultant at Artificial Solutions, demonstrates how Teneo’s unique approach makes creating global solutions in multiple languages easy and fast to scale – saving time and resources. Learn how Teneo uses a master language solution to quickly develop and scale to other languages. Develop once, deploy across many – no need to begin from scratch for each additional language.