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Subscription per Developer Free €500/month per developer Contact Sales
Conversational AI API calls €0.008 per call
100 GB Extra Data
(0-100 GB included)
+ €500/month Contact Sales
Additional Dev-Prod Endpoint Pair + €100/month
Cloud Shared Shared Dedicated
Development Environment Uptime Wakeup time Pro Wakeup time Always Accessible
Dev Endpoint Availability Wakeup time Pro Wakeup time Always Accessible
Cloud Data Region EU EU Contact Sales
DPA Pre-signed Contact Sales
Data Retention 10 days 90 days Unlimited
Dev Traffic 10 api-calls/second 10 concurrent sessions Unlimited
Dev Endpoints 1 Unlimited (1 included in subscription fee) Unlimited
Pre-Prod endpoint Unlimited
Prod Endpoints Unlimited (1 included in subscription fee) Unlimited
Developers 5 1 5 or more
Solutions 7 Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple Teams No No Yes
User management Yes Yes RBAC
Online Documentation Yes Yes Yes
Forum Yes Yes Yes
Online Learning Yes Yes Yes
Customer Success Team Yes Appointed Customer Success Manager
Defect SLA Yes
Prod Endpoint SLA 99.5% 99.9%
Cloud Development Environment Yes Yes Yes
Desktop Studio Yes Yes Yes
Power Scripting Yes Yes Yes
Hybrid Intent Model Based on Lexical Resources & MS LUIS Yes Yes Yes
Auto-Test Yes Yes Yes
Open Source Front Ends Yes Yes Yes
Backend Connectors Yes Yes Yes
Data Insights Yes Yes Yes
86 Languages Yes Yes Yes

Client Testimonials

Teneo’s intelligent conversational style, combined with its enterprise strength development capabilities has enabled us to create an automated service that still ensures that every customer has the personalized experience they deserve.

Lars Engvall

Head of Future Lab, Folksam

We chose to work with Artificial Solutions because they could demonstrate within very short timescales the depth and power of Teneo’s capabilities for a global company.

Michael Lindbäck

Senior Director Operational Excellence, Circle K

Teneo allows our customers to have a sophisticated conversational experience within the virtual bank that increases customer engagement and enables us to continue a direct conversation with them.

Daniela Pivato

CTO, Widiba

We chose to work with Artificial Solutions because of the humanlike conversational experience Teneo delivers, alongside excellent scaling and integration abilities.

Jacob Pantzerhielm

Manager New Technology, Scania

Artificial Solutions’ robust, flexible platform has enabled us to easily build and go live with multiple conversational applications across a variety of channels, delivering our services to where our customers are already spending time.

Michael Franklin

New Channels Owner, Kindred

Working with Artificial Solutions enables us to take a flexible approach to designing conversational AI systems that will work across any platform, language or device and allow car manufacturers to differentiate themselves by providing the ultimate driving experience.

Michele D’Alessandro

CTO, Rücker Lypsa

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Teneo for free?

Of course, we offer a 90-day Teneo Free trail for up to 5 team members, with 7 published bots, 10 api-calls/second and community support. Our free pricing reflects our confidence in our product.

What is a Studio seat?

Each active builder requires a “named” Seat. It grants your team member access to the Teneo Development platform (developers, project managers, product managers, conversational designers…).

Can I assign seats to an external organization?

Yes, customers can allocate their Studio seats to external team members.

What is the pricing of a Pro subscription

The Pro subscription pricing sits at €500/month per developer. If you want to get started, contact us at

What does “Pro Wakeup time” mean?

Pro Wakeup time means that the production endpoint is always up. The development environment can have a short wake-up time on your first login to start to build for the day. It will be quicker than our free trial waiting time. 

What does DPA pre-signed mean?

For the Pro subscription, we offer a standard non-negotiable Data Protection Agreement available upon request. Send a request to and we’ll initiate the signing procedure.

How can I upgrade from Pro to Enterprise?

Upgrading from Pro to Enterprise is easy. On the front end you are provided with an endpoint that is added to redirect your traffic. On the back end all you need to do is export the solution from one instance and upload it to another.

Is the LUIS (Microsoft Services) pricing included?

No, each customer uses their own Azure agreements. You can check the reference pricing here.

Is hosting included?

Yes, it is. Artificial Solutions offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Can I host myself?

For private/dedicated cloud options, please contact our sales team to discuss an Enterprise agreement.

Is there a limited number of use cases, languages or solutions/chatbots I can develop?

For paid versions (Pro and Enterprise), you can develop and publish as many solutions as wish in any of the supported languages. You can check our pricing table if the subscription package you have chosen has a cost associated with publishing more than more solution. 

The free trial version has a limit on the solutions you can develop and does not include a production endpoint.  

What is Customer Success? What is included?

The Customer Success team and resources will support you during the full life cycle of your project, sharing knowledge, best practices and insights to build and launch your solution.

What about training? Can I get it in my local language?

Our documentation is available in English. Speak to our Enterprise sales on what training opportunities exist in your region.

Can I have visibility over my API consumption?

Yes, you can see your API consumption on the Teneo platform or via the Data Insights module. Here’s a tutorial on how to do that.

What does 90-days data retention mean?

In order to provide the competitive pricing of our Pro offer, we have optimized our Pro cloud and have a restriction on data retention of 90 days. If you need more than that we recommend you contact our sales and discuss if our Enterprise plan could be relevant for you.

When would I have to pay an additional €500/month for searchable data?

If you have built a solution that generates a lot of data, which is very uncommon if you follow our design recommendations, you would be required to pay extra for the amount of searchable data in our cloud.  

For example, if your solutions would generate 50GB/month then in month three (3) your searchable data would surpass >100GB and you would be charged additional €500/month.

Can I control the amount of searchable data for my solutions?

Yes. Through the Teneo Inquire module you view the amount of data in your solution. Additionally, if you follow our recommended design principles, it is unlikely that your solution will generate excessive amounts of data. Finally, if the 90-day retention limit isn’t enough to limit your amount of searchable data, you can at any point submit a request to us to purge data to control the amount you keep in our cloud. 

What is RBAC?

It means Role Based Access Control. In our Enterprise plan, you can create different permission structures for different developer types that work in Teneo. For Pro, you can add/remove users for the procured Seats.

What does “Defect SLA” include?

We commit to response & resolution times for defects reported by Enterprise customers. 

What is “Power Scripting”?

Learn more on the powerful scripting abilities of Teneo on our documentation site.

Where can I get help?

If you need help, have a question or would like to meet the Teneo team, head over to the Teneo Developers Forum. We look forward to seeing you there!

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