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Artificial Solutions engages in partnerships and strategic alliances with top technology companies through our Teneo Partnership Program. On top of providing benefits to our partners, this program allows them to add our award-winning Conversational AI technology to their own product portfolio and offer their customers the most human-like, intelligent and capable conversational applications.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

Communications into the next decade needs to be more flexible, intelligent and personal. Working with Artificial Solutions enables us to offer our customers access to advanced conversational AI technology and easily incorporate it into their existing communications platforms.

Mark Summerson

VP Partners, Vonage

Working with Artificial Solutions enables our clients to benefit from an enterprise-strength platform that enables fast, flexible and scalable development of conversational AI applications that integrate closely with the UiPath RPA platform.

Bogdan Nedelcov

Head of Product Alliances, UiPath

Artificial Solutions will allow our customers to easily extend their connected-RPA sequences into conversational AI applications to maximize the benefits of both technologies, while delivering the 24/7 experience end-users are demanding.

Bruce Mazza

VP Technology Alliance, Blue Prism

Teneo has proved itself to be capable of not only delivering the humanlike conversational experience people expect, but provides the scalability and integration capabilities needed to develop sophisticated applications.

Leopoldo Colorado Valverde

Head of Innovation, Babel

We see a huge potential in how conversational AI can help enterprises better engage with their clients and prospects as part of their digital transformation journey. Working together with Artificial Solutions gives us access to their enterprise-strength platform that has a proven track-record in delivering complex, global conversational applications.

Anil Agarwal

President of Capgemini’s Scandinavia Business Unit

Teneo allows enterprises to deliver outstanding conversational AI applications that drive customers through optimized business processes. The best part is the wealth of information and analytics from conversations that are providing insights used to further improve the customer experience and drive revenue.

Marko Mandic

Practice Lead for AI Strategy Consulting, Cognizant

We had to make a build-versus-buy decision and looked at about 250 companies before narrowing it down to Artificial Solutions who we partnered with to create a truly conversational cloud platform.

Dave Bukovinsky

Executive Director of Product Management, CSG

We’ve seen first-hand, the potential that Conversational AI offers for companies. We’re delighted to enhance our relationship with Artificial Solutions, now as a client, and look forward to using Teneo to support our workforce.

Ewout Bolhuis

Director Innovation, Deloitte Netherlands


Increase Revenue Through New Lines of Business

Conversational AI projects are meant to be innovative, transformational and strategic not temporary, simple, ad hoc solutions. Therefore, adding Teneo to your company’s portfolio provides a new line of revenue for long term projects. Not only would your business be able to offer the development of sophisticated CAI solutions to your clients, but as their use of Teneo evolves and expands (through optimization, localization, maintenance, scaling, data analysis, deployment, etc.), so would the revenue you will get from these professional services. Furthermore, our partners can also receive margin revenue on Teneo License and Usage.

Grow Strategically with Your Client

CAI solutions developed with our awarded platform Teneo, can be easily scaled across use cases, business units, languages and channels. Under the premise “build once, deploy many times”, our partners don’t need to re-invest money and re-skill resources as solutions change and grow to meet the clients’ and market’s demands.


Differentiate through Innovation with a Proven Technology

No matter what your company does, it is essential to find ways to differentiate from your competition; using Conversational AI can help your business achieve that. Artificial Solutions provides companies within our partner network with all the necessary tools for them to feel confident about rapidly building and deploying CAI applications suited to any use case, in any vertical, language, channel and geography. Teneo covers the full process from development to deployment and maintenance and was created specifically for the enterprise; for our partners this means that they don’t need to use and train resources to use different tools and software to create complex CAI solutions. On top of our product, we offer you our 20+ years of experience in the market and being a NASDAQ listed company that’s 100% focused on the development and evolution of intelligent CAI solutions.

Enjoy Consistent Support and Decades of Expertise with a Personal Touch

Having a strong business relationship with other companies is essential for our business to continue to thrive and grow in the CAI market. Hence, our aim is to continue to offer a collaborative and straight-forward business model that makes it easier for our partners to do business with us. We’re agile, flexible and able to provide the consistency of contact and personnel support that is impossible to get from larger organizations. Our partner network also benefits from our collaborative sales and agile services of mentoring and expertise, delivered by our skilled teams with production strength, solution-based proficiency.

Future-proof Yours and Your Client’s Investment

Many companies have been discouraged by previous experiences with slot chatbots and simple solutions, after entering a try/fail/dump vicious cycle. We want to help you are your clients to avoid that. By working with a proven CAI platform like Teneo, our partners have complete control over the solutions that they build and can impact with their suggestions the platform’s development roadmap. We want to keep your trust and work with you to improve your own relation with your client.


Aim for Excellence While Reusing Resources

Teneo can enable you (and your clients) to develop a CAI Center of Excellence. Expertise can be developed, fully utilized and redeployed across the business as the Teneo skills learned by your team are applicable across sectors and disciplines.

Add Value for Your Clients by Developing Your Own Knowledge

Every partner company has different areas and verticals of expertise and with Teneo, they can develop their own solutions and industry-specific knowledge. Around 80% of every CAI solution developed with Teneo can be based on standard industry related knowledge and the remaining 20% is customized with content and functionality that’s specific to the client. Once a partner develops their own solutions or knowledge packages, these can be sold out of the box and re-used across industries, business units, use cases and geographies providing further scalability.

Provide Business Insight While Keeping Data Ownership and User Privacy

Artificial Solutions is committed to take an ethical stand regarding data privacy and security, as we know sophisticated CAI solutions can be built successfully while allowing the client to keep full ownership of their data and protecting the users’ rights at the same time. After all, our enterprise CAI Platform Teneo was developed with specific features that ensure this and by using it, our partners can ensure secure ownership, hosting options (on-cloud/on-premise) and full control of the data generated by the application to their clients as well. Furthermore, you will still be able to provide business insight from the data. Our partners can develop services packages around data governance and analysis to help their clients leverage CAI and deliver key business insight to gain a competitive edge.

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