Artificial Solutions engages in partnerships and strategic alliances with top technology companies through our Teneo Partnership Program. This program enables partners to add our award-winning NLI technology to their own product portfolio and offer their customers the most humanlike, intelligent and capable conversational applications that reason, analyze, and react—just like a human.



Teneo Partner Program – Why Partner With Artificial Solutions?

Artificial Solutions’ Teneo Partner Program enables companies to add our award-winning NLI technology to their own product portfolio and quickly build sophisticated natural language understanding and intelligence into connected devices such as smartphones and wearables, websites, mobile apps and other software.

Teneo is not just the most advanced automated natural language development platform available, it already thinks in 35 languages, across multiple platforms and supporting multiple channels and modes of input.

Making Natural Language Easy

Our unique technology includes many functions that are fully integrated and available out of the box – what’s more you don’t have to be a technical genius to use it! Teneo’s easy-to-use flowchart structure makes adding new dialogs or updating responses to your NLI interface as simple as drag and drop, whilst one click publishing ensures any changes made are instantly available.

Our NLI technology enables you to offer natural language solutions that can operate on any web or mobile platform and in any language. With large scale deployments across all types of industries, from healthcare and government to travel and banking, our solutions are used by millions of consumers every year.

Grow your Business With Us

Attractive margins, a dedicated partner portal and co-marketing programs are just some of the benefits of the Teneo Partner Program. Your customers will be able to rapidly realize sophisticated natural language-based projects without the long, and expensive, development timescales normally associated with implementing virtual assistants. As a Teneo partner, you will have access to our patented technology and dedicated partner team who will provide you with sales, marketing and technical support to ensure our joint success.

Our three partner categories allow you to choose your own level of involvement depending on your business and specialization. Whether your business is service focused or product orientated, our technology can complement your offering by providing the tools to help you grow your business. Our NLI technology has been deployed by business process improvement, call centre management, dialogue management and innovation teams to resolve a wide variety of customer service, sales and support issues, resulting in tangible improvements and cost savings.

The Teneo Partner Program has three distinct categories: Teneo Reseller, Teneo Service Partner and Teneo Solution Provider. Each category reflects whether you’ll be selling or delivering our technology only, or providing a complete solution. Click on the boxes below to learn more about the different partners’ categories we have available.

  • Teneo Reseller
    Teneo Resellers generally specialise in a particular market sector or geographic region, and complement Artificial Solutions’ direct sales team by offering a dedicated area of expertise. Attractive margins, co-marketing programs and pre-sales support are just some of the benefits that you’ll receive as a Teneo Reseller.

    Grow your business and increase your profitability by adding the very latest Natural Language Interaction (NLI) technology to your product portfolio. Your customers will be amazed at how they can significantly reduce costs and overheads, whilst simultaneously improving customer satisfaction and online sales, while prospects will be keen to replicate these successes in their own organization.

    Register your interest now and discover the difference partnering with Artificial Solutions can make to your business. Find out more about our program requirements.

  • Teneo Service Partner
    Teneo Service Partners are experts in their field. These include business process management consultancy and call center system integration. We understand that you prefer to remain vendor neutral. This is why we offer you the ability to deliver our technology.

    You can differentiate yourself from competitors by expanding your services to take advantage of the rapidly expanding demand for natural language solutions. Access to our blog, our partner portal and professional services support are just some of the benefits of being a Teneo Service Partner.

    As a Teneo Service Partner, you’ve already demonstrated your expertise in system integration and application development. Our award-winning technology gives you the opportunity to develop your skills further. Your customers will love the new interactive solutions you offer – and they’ll appreciate the cost savings you bring even more.

    Apply now and discover how our patented NLI technology can help you maximize revenue and increase profitability. Review our program requirements.

  • Teneo Solution Provider
    Teneo Solution Providers are a combination of Teneo Resellers and Teneo Service Partners – they sell, develop and deliver high-end, bespoke solutions that address specific business needs or vertical sectors. Whether you’re an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), value-added reseller or Independent Software Provider (ISV), our advanced NLI technology will enable you to differentiate your solutions from your competitors by making your technology think, reason and react just like a human.

    As a Teneo Solution Provider you’ll be able to benefit not just from our award-winning technology and your priority access to a range of sales and marketing activities, but also from exclusive access to technical areas such as beta programs and product previews.

    With Artificial Solutions you will be able to develop and implement natural language solutions in short timescales, lowering costs whilst increasing your profitability with new revenue streams.

    Join now and start taking advantage of the very latest “must have” technology. Check out our program requirements.

Other Ways to Partner With Us

Developers can utilise the Teneo platform to add NLI to their mobile apps, software program or device using our dedicated toolkit. The Teneo Toolkit packages the Teneo platform into a cloud-based suite of tools designed specifically for the developer community.

We also work with a number of Technology Partners whose solutions and services integrate seamlessly with ours to extend the value of the Teneo platform. Contact us for more information.

As the market and technology leader in Natural Language Interaction (NLI), Artificial Solutions is well positioned to help you maximize revenue, differentiate your business from the competition and increase profitability. The Teneo Partner Program includes three partner categories and offers a range of benefits* including sales, marketing and technical support:

Service Partner
Solution Provider
Partner welcome kit
Partner manager support
Access to pre-sales engineer
Lead registration in Salesforce
Partner program logo
Partner listing
Lead referral Priority
Access to partner portal
Partner newsletter
Co-marketing programs Priority
Event sponsorship
PR Priority
Access to Integration Manager
Access to Sample Codes
Access to Reference Libraries
Beta program participation
Hosted environment
Online sales tutorials & content
Online technical tutorials & content
Technical blog
Partner technical days
Partner day
Product roadmap briefings
Exclusive product previews
Technical support
Professional services support

*Terms & conditions apply. Some benefits are currently in development.

Each of our three partner categories has specific requirements based on the level of commitment. As a partner, you must reach and maintain certain criteria. This ensures that all of our partners are fully engaged in selling and/or delivering Teneo.

Service Partner
Solution Provider
Signed partner agreement
Non Disclosure Agreement
Revenue target
Program fee 2500€ 2500€ 2500€
Sales forecast Monthly Monthly
Business review with Partner Manager Quarterly Quarterly
Business Plan
Marketing Plan
Sales training (per country) Min 2 people Min 2 people
Pre-sales training (per country) Min 1 person Min 1 person
Technical training (per country) Min 2 people Min 2 people
Level 1 help desk support
Level 2 help desk support

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