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We are partnering with some of the largest technology companies in the world to enhance customer experiences for businesses around the globe, across any channel and in 85+ languages.

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Create a Brand-New Revenue Stream

By becoming our partner and deciding to use Teneo as your Conversational AI platform, you can instantly add a major service to your offering and create a brand new and highly profitable revenue stream to your organization.

Focused on nothing but Technology

Artificial Solutions is one of the few technology providers within the Conversational AI space that invests and focuses entirely on our platform to ensure it remains the most powerful enterprise tool to create conversational solutions; therefore, we rely on our robust partner network to ultimately deliver incredible solutions built on Teneo.

A Simple API make the Magic Work

Our partner model is simple: as a SaaS business, we charge clients for licenses to access our platform and usage of the API, but the rest of the services (and the revenue for it) belongs to our partners.

Take full Ownership of your Client

Journey mapping, projects, services, and how that flows into other areas of the business is defined by the partner with the client, giving our partners full ownership of the commercial relationship. This allows our partners to increase their reach within the client company by scaling current projects that are delivering ROI and identifying new use case opportunities to expand on.

Be 2x more productive

Teneo’s end-to-end toolset creates a Conversational AI developer team that is twice as productive. Tackle your most challenging enterprise projects without needing an extensive team of consultants. You will end up with projects that are profitable, on-time and keep your customers satisfied and looking to expand their Conversational AI footprint.

Immediate Support

Get instant access Customer Success team without the need for T&M contracts. Our team is trained to adapt to rapid changes in your roadmap and other feedback loops. We also have catalogue of available connectors, documentation, and assets ready to help you get started in the implementation process.

Flexible vendor options

We offer a tested price range that moves with your needs and provides channel discounts – from free POCs, to SMB & enterprise-friendly pricing to keep you competitive. This includes a state-of-the-art highly secured Azure-based cloud and flexible deployment options. You will also be able to add in pre-sales, marketing, and collateral support to take your Conversational AI solution to the next level.

The Opportunity: Conversational AI Data can be the new oil

Don't let your clients miss out…
The direct value of Conversational AI is already recognized by its growing adoption in the market and customers increasing expectations for this kind of technology to be offered for support. Most people are familiar with the obvious benefits from it: enhanced customer service, increase of sales, decrease of cost, improvement of process and efficiency. However, there is a much bigger opportunity with unimageable potential: exploiting Conversational Data across systems.
The strategic alliance between Microsoft and Artificial Solutions allows businesses to take massive amounts of raw, unstructured conversational data from products within Microsoft’s ecosystem and instantly classify them into a highly visual representation of the key issues and questions being asked.
With Teneo, you can finally get value from the conversational data that you own and use in other areas of the business beyond improving your Conversational AI solution. Conversation is the missing ingredient of most companies’ data insight strategy. We are on a quest to change this, and we hope to bring you along for the ride.

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To demonstrate our strength as the only true enterprise AI platform provider, enterprise developers and partners can request exclusive access to Teneo Developers and experience how to build real working solutions to prove business cases and understand how enterprise Conversational AI should be done.

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Our partners get exclusive access to a grand repository of marketing and sales focused collateral that can use to educate and inform prospect clients about Conversational AI as well as promote and sell solutions built with our Teneo Platform.

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