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Artificial Solutions engages in partnerships and strategic alliances with top technology companies through our Teneo Partnership Program. This program enables partners to add our award-winning Conversational AI technology to their own product portfolio and offer their customers the most humanlike, intelligent and capable conversational applications that reason, analyze, and react—just like a human.

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Technical Partners

Partnering with Artificial Solutions

Artificial Solutions’ Teneo Partner Program enables companies to add our award-winning Conversational AI technology to their own product portfolio and quickly build sophisticated natural language understanding and intelligence into connected devices such as smartphones and wearables, websites, mobile apps and other software.

Teneo is not just the most advanced automated conversational AI platform available, it already thinks in over 35 languages, across multiple platforms and supporting multiple channels and modes of input.

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Making Conversational AI Easy

Our unique technology includes many functions that are fully integrated and available out of the box – what’s more you don’t have to be a technical genius to use it! Teneo’s easy-to-use flowchart structure makes adding new dialogs or updating responses to your conversational interface as simple as drag and drop, whilst one click publishing ensures any changes made are instantly available.

Our Conversational AI technology enables you to offer conversational AI solutions that can operate on any web or mobile platform and in any language. With large scale deployments across all types of industries, from healthcare and government to travel and banking, our solutions are used by millions of consumers every year.

Grow your Business With Us

Attractive margins, a dedicated partner portal and co-marketing programs are just some of the benefits of the Teneo Partner Program. Your customers will be able to rapidly realize sophisticated conversational AI projects without the long, and expensive, development timescales normally associated with implementing virtual assistants. As a Teneo partner, you will have access to our patented technology and dedicated partner team who will provide you with sales, marketing and technical support to ensure our joint success.

Our three partner categories allow you to choose your own level of involvement depending on your business and specialization. Whether your business is service focused or product orientated, our technology can complement your offering by providing the tools to help you grow your business. Our Conversational AI technology has been deployed by business process improvement, call centre management, dialogue management and innovation teams to resolve a wide variety of customer service, sales and support issues, resulting in tangible improvements and cost savings.