Natural Language Analytics 

When people communicate in a natural, conversational manner with NLI interfaces, they reveal significant amounts of information about their views, sentiment, likes and dislikes, and much more. NLI analytics allows you interpret large volumes of unstructured natural language conversations in near-real time.

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The Power of Natural Language Interaction

From speech to text, to websites, wearables and social media, the number of ways customers can interact with an organization is growing rapidly each year. Natural language is a powerful thing, but it’s easy to miss the details that will allow you to build successful customer relationships, maintain loyalty and increase repeat business.



Understand Your Customers Like Never Before 

Understand Your Customers Like Never Before

Analyzing natural language conversations delivers unprecedented levels of customer insight and understanding that can be used to strengthen the relationship between the two of you.

No one asks a question in isolation, there is always a deeper reason for wanting to know an answer. For instance you might ask what terminal your flight leaves from, because you need to book the relevant parking.

NLI enables other factors such as context, memory, intelligent understanding, previous experience, and personalized knowledge of the user to be taken into consideration. This allows you to not only give your customer the answer to their question, but also to offer to solve the unspoken question too.



Own Your Data 

Own Your Data

Teneo is unique because it allows you to collect and own your data, learn from it and use the information.

Understanding this free format natural language data enables enterprises to unlock the huge value hidden inside conversations. Departments such as marketing and customer service can uncover trends, demographics, likes or dislikes, sentiment, what’s working, and what’s not – and this can be used to improve the customer service and product offerings.

In the future intelligent natural language applications will use this data to implicitly personalise the customer’s experience.




A Step Closer to AI


A Step Closer to AI

Real time, big-data user insight can also be used as part of a closed-loop feedback for semi and fully-automated machine learning. This will lead to implicit personalization, where the NLI interface learns purely from interactions with you and your customer.

NLI analysis is ultimately the gateway to delivering the artificial intelligent experience that customers will expect in the near future. One that is based on personalization, combined with user intent that takes inconsideration any number of external factors such language, context, geo-location, state, etc.



Optimize Your NLI applications

Optimize Your NLI applications

Natural language analytics can also be used to monitor and improve your own NLI applications and set KPIs.

Analyzing the conversations your NLI applications has with users and customers also allows you to identify potential areas that can be enhanced. This might be a gap in the knowledge base that needs updating or highlighting improvements that can be made to dialogue flows.

Teneo provides the analytical information you need to review and refine KPIs and business targets, allowing you to continually improve and refine your NLI application’s performance.



The Natural Language Opportunity

Talk Your Customers’ Language

The ability to communicate with connected technology using speech is fast becoming an imperative for your customers and a business critical issue for you. The Teneo platform makes this possible.

What is NLI?

Technology that allows users to interact with any connected device or application using everyday speech.