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Solutions for Intelligent Websites, Applications and Web-services

Teneo delivers the intelligence to really transform the user experience.


NLI enables enterprises to further enhance their websites through intelligent navigation that guides and assists each customer based on their preferences, past actions and the current conversation. This type of advanced customer interaction can be seen in the following video aimed at the retail sector.

Teneo delivers the intelligence to transform the user experience; whether it’s gaming, business or entertainment apps, NLI provides a humanlike interaction that increases engagement and provides you with value data to improve your offering.

The use of NLI in web-services can also increase productivity for enterprise users by enabling intelligent interaction with business systems such as sales or ERP. With a deep understanding of the organization, integration with the systems it uses and a close working relationship with the individual making the entry, Teneo delivers everything required for complex tasks to be executed.

The Future of Customer Engagement and the Role of the Intelligent Virtual Agent


Digital Employee

A digital employee, whether working on the helpdesk, assisting sales in reaching their targets or providing detailed insight to product marketing, is critical to a successful workforce.


Smart Home

Teneo transforms the way your customers control and interact with their home devices using everyday natural language and phrases.


Connected Cars

Our NLI technology gives you the platform to build apps that can transform the in-car experience from the mundane to the exceptional.



Whilst voice recognition technology is changing how we input our requests, it is NLI that gives devices the brains.


Internet of Things

In a future where any device connects to the Internet, Teneo provides your customers with highly intuitive, humanlike speech-enabled interfaces.


Wearable Devices

Wearable technology needs more than just a simple interface such as voice or gesture for users to embrace it; It needs understanding of the person using it too.