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Solutions for Connected Cars

Take the in-car experience to the next level with the Teneo Platform.

Drivers are already using speech to command in-car entertainment and communications, but it can be a frustrating and tedious robotic-sounding, command-led process, leading to incorrectly dialled numbers or the wrong settings applied to the radio – both requiring manual intervention to correct anyway, negating the point of voice control! Current in-car connectivity is also constrained by the fixed command lists supplied by third party manufacturers.

The Teneo Platform is a game-changer for the automotive sector, giving manufacturers the ability to quickly and easily build applications in-house, that will transform the in-car experience from the mundane to the exceptional by using natural language to power any element required.

Implementing Teneo across the entire in-car environment will enable drivers and passengers to control any setting they want to in the vehicle, using everyday, conversational terminology, not fixed commands. Communication devices could recognise nicknames for people in the phone’s address book, personalized climate control settings could be switched on, off or adjusted; and the in-car entertainment system could recognize specific musical genres, artists or a request to play a particular track or album from the stored music library. Other options could include the integration of dynamic satellite navigation capabilities using colloquial terms like “home”, “work”, or “the supermarket”; speech-enabling individual seat settings, proactive notifications about the vehicle’s operation or even adding in integration with external services, for example, opening gates or garage doors as the driver approaches home. The possibilities are endless.

Supplementary to the obvious end user benefits that natural language speech enablement brings, is the massive volumes of quality data generated by all of these interactions. Automotive manufacturers will be able to learn exactly how their customers interact with their vehicles, and use this valuable data to inform design and build specifications for subsequent models, maximising user enjoyment, and ultimately, vehicle sales figures.

The Future of Customer Engagement and the Role of the Intelligent Virtual Agent


Digital Employee

A digital employee, whether working on the helpdesk, assisting sales in reaching their targets or providing detailed insight to product marketing, is critical to a successful workforce.


Smart Home

Teneo transforms the way your customers control and interact with their home devices using everyday natural language and phrases.



Whilst voice recognition technology is changing how we input our requests, it is NLI that gives devices the brains.


Internet of Things

In a future where any device connects to the Internet, Teneo provides your customers with highly intuitive, humanlike speech-enabled interfaces.


Wearable Devices

Wearable technology needs more than just a simple interface such as voice or gesture for users to embrace it; It needs understanding of the person using it too.