What is Natural Language Interaction (NLI)? 

What is Natural Language Interaction (NLI)?

Natural Language Interaction (NLI) enables people to interact with any connected device using normal, everyday language. It understands the meaning of conversational input, and reacts accordingly, creating value and enhancing the user experience.

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Responds in an Intelligent, Humanlike Way to Every Conversation

With NLI, users can converse with technology using complex sentences, containing multiple pieces of information and more than one request. There is no need for the user to repeat details during a conversation because memory, personal preferences and contextual understanding comes into play, just as it would in a conversation with a real person.

From the Loebner Prize to Turing Test, our Natural Language Interaction technology has won prizes for convincing humans that they are talking to another person. Whether the input is from voice, text, touch or gesture, NLI enables devices and applications to learn from every conversation, to understand the user’s intent, ask questions of its own and, of course – react intelligently.



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Speak Your Customer’s Language

George Bernard Shaw once said that England and America were two nations separated by a common language. You only have to consider the differences between the words boot and trunk, to see how confusing this might be to a machine.

Natural Language Interaction removes the need for your customers to know and understand your terminology. It’s clever enough to figure out in over 35 languages what someone means when they use their everyday words and phrases, not yours.




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Create a Richer Experience

Using NLI, Artificial Solutions takes natural language to the next level. Our award-winning NLI development and analytics platform – Teneo – allows you to deliver sophisticated NLI solutions over mobiles, PCs, wearables, consumer devices and appliances, applications and so much more to deliver a compelling customer experience that surpasses any other technology available today.



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Deeper Understanding Brings its own Rewards

Natural Language Interaction allows you to discover more about your customer and your business. By taking unstructured, natural language data from all of an enterprise’s sources such as web, mobile, social and livechat, conversations can be analyzed in context in near real-time. This provides deep insight into the mind of your customer. It can help with back office tasks such as improving answers given or discovering why a customer didn’t complete their purchase online to transforming individual interactions by cross-selling or offering personalized deals at a critical moment.

Natural Language Interaction gives you the power to use the information your customer provides to deliver a superior customer experience and help increase your bottom line.



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