MS LUIS Conversational Bots with Teneo

LUIS^Teneo combines two top technologies to help you build, test, and release conversational bots faster.

For more technical information, visit the Teneo Documentation or the Teneo Developers Forum.

How Do Teneo and MS LUIS Work Together?

The seamless integration of Teneo and Microsoft’s Cognitive APIs leverages Teneo’s powerful development environment, linguistic rules, and analytic capabilities with the MS LUIS intent recognition engine, allowing for faster bot development.

Features Available

Graphical Collaborative IDE

Graphically build dialogs. Drag and drop flow elements like outputs, integrations with APIs, scripts and transitions.


Design and create conversational prototypes quickly, expose them to users and incorporate insights iteratively.

RBAC & Multi-User

Create efficient team workflows, assign user permissions as per their roles and have them work simultaneously.

Version Control

Track flow changes and restore previous versions of your bot with the push of a button.

Developer Sandbox

Access to advanced coding capabilities to build and manage integrations.

Dialogue Management

Teneo’s native advanced dialogue management capabilities include context handling, memory, interruptions, etc.


Easily expand your chatbots to over 35 different languages thanks to pre-built language resources.

Testing and Publishing

Perform automated tests for user intent recognition and ensure quality-controlled publication processes.

Increase your Bot's ROI with Teneo

Easily go from Rapid-Prototyping to Production releases with valuable access to Data Insights – so you can now spend more time focusing on bot UX improvement and business strategies.

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Over 20 channels, front and back-end connectors available. Ready to use, share and easy to build if you need more.

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Faster Development Cycles

Use the most advanced conversational design patterns available today to speed up development.

Why LUIS^Teneo?

Teneo’s Conversational IDE and Runtime integrates with MS LUIS, allowing businesses to build bots and maximize their resources through rapid prototyping, fast implementation times, increased functionality and greater scalability
Fast Development

Whether you are planning an ambitious bot project or just want to quickly build your first prototype, LUIS^Teneo increases your productivity and accelerates development up to 2x faster than traditional MS LUIS development practices.

Comprehensive Tools

LUIS^Teneo provides one of the most powerful development toolsets in the market to easily build, maintain, and grow enterprise-grade bots, no matter the extension of your project. You have full control of the development process and the tools.

Highly Scalable Solutions

Reuse the knowledge you build with LUIS^Teneo across business cases. Our Saas based offering makes it easier for you start small, and then scale your solutions for high volumes and across multiple channels & languages.

Pricing Plans & Options

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1–5 Developers for 90 days
Full Development Suite
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Dev Endpoint Yes Yes
QA Endpoint Yes
Prod Endpoint Yes
MS LUIS Integration Yes
Global Local Yes
Price Free Subscription includes 5 seats/month
Additional Seat N/A Additional cost per seat/month
Conversational API calls N/A Pay per API Call 
Data Insights N/A Pay per GB Ingested 
Pay per GB Total Searchable 
(First 100 GB free) 
Developers 5 5 or more
Solutions 7 Unlimited
Conversational API Endpoints 3 Unlimited
Development Suite Wakeup time Always there
Client Studio Yes Yes
36 Languages Yes Yes
Open Source Front Ends Yes Yes
Develop Front Ends Yes Yes
Backend Connectors Yes Yes
Develop Backend Integrations Yes Yes
Data Insights Yes Yes
Teneo Developers Yes Yes
Teneo Developers Forum Yes Yes
Help Desk Yes
Customer Success Team Yes
Defect SLA Yes
Endpoint SLA 99.9%

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