How can AI and automation address the risk of inequalities and be used correctly?

Over the past 18 months, COVID-19 has drastically impacted the speed at which businesses have incorporated automation into their digital transformation strategies, however, the trend to automate had been already gathered significant pace before the onset of the pandemic. One of the most […]

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CAI trends 2022

Conversational AI Trends for 2022

The Conversational AI sector made significant progress last year, as technological innovation and its adoption across international vertical markets drove growth and disruption for many of the industry’s key stakeholders, influencers, investors and organisations.  An even greater level of advancement […]

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Choosing a Conversational AI platform – #2 language support and localization

As part of a series, Daniel Eriksson, Chief Innovation and Customer Success Officer at Artificial Solutions, gives insight on important aspects of a conversational AI platform that buyers often overlook. In this second post, he will focus on the importance […]

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