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Our customers are some of the world’s best known brands. They imagine how conversational AI can transform their business. Together we make that vision a reality.

View our case studies to see how we help our customers.

View our Case Studies

Conversation. Universally engaging.

Our customers come from all industries. Some of them started their conversational AI journey nearly a decade ago, others are only just beginning.

During this time we’ve help them develop and deploy a wide range of conversational AI applications. From virtual customer assistants for automated service and intelligent chatbots for online sales, to conversational UIs that voice-enable devices, software, IoT, and autonomous vehicles.

Teneo’s flexibility means it’s equally suited to add another dimension to virtual reality gaming, as it is to augment existing staff in areas such as human resources and second-line agent support. All the while interpreting big-data volumes of unstructured conversational data to deliver first-person, voice of the customer insight and understanding that will drive the business forward.

Our technology allows enterprises to reimagine their business through innovative use of conversational AI.

Case Studies