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Our customers are some of the world’s best known brands. They imagine how conversational AI can transform their business and together we make that vision a reality.

View our case studies to see how we help our customers.

View our Case Studies

Why Choose Artificial Solutions

Our customers come from all industries. Some of them started their conversational AI journey nearly a decade ago, others are only just beginning.

During this time, we’ve helped our customers develop and deploy a wide range of conversational AI applications for a variety of use cases. From virtual customer assistants for automated service and intelligent chatbots for online sales, to conversational UIs that voice-enable devices, software, IoT, and autonomous vehicles.

Teneo’s flexibility means it’s equally suited to add another dimension to virtual reality gaming, as it is to augment existing staff in areas such as human resources and second-line agent support. All the while interpreting big-data volumes of unstructured conversational data to deliver first-person, voice of the customer insight and understanding that will drive the business forward.

Companies choose Artificial Solutions because our technology allows enterprises to reimagine their business through innovative use of conversational AI.

Case Studies

Read our case studies to learn more about how we’ve helped organizations improve customer experience, increase conversion and reduce operational costs through conversational customer experience.

Bringing Multilingual Capabilities to Users’ Homes

Swisscom’s multilingual enterprise platform, with “smart home” use across TV, IVT and chatbots, boosted usage by 200% and improved resolution rates by 40%, overcoming linguistic barriers to provide a natural user experience.

Driving Website Conversions at Skoda

Skoda witnessed a 400% increase in conversions rates and a 300% rise in customer engagement after deploying a 24/7, personalized digital assistant that controls the entire specification and car booking process online and reduces administrative burdens.

Guiding Insurance Customers Through Complex Processes

Folksam needed an assistant to handle multichannel and multilingual solutions and help customers complete multi-step insurance processes. Their digital claims officer receved an average claimant satisfaction rate of 4,12/5.

The Quick Solution with Long-standing Rewards

Circle-K sought to develop an intelligent, multilingual conversational digital assistant on its Nordic websites to reduce call volumes. “Kay” is estimated to deflect 40% of calls and can process varied intents depending on the location.

Delivering Personalized 24/7 Customer Support

Vodafone increased its Net Promoter Score by implementing an animated digital employee to provide personalized, 24/7 technical and account information. The avatar offers customized help to users and gives actionable insights for a deeper grasp of customer behavior.

Teneo Fuels Shell's Digital Employee

Shell transformed its customer service, encouraged self-service, saved costs and provided actionable insights. The company deployed an advanced, multilingual conversational app that boasts a 98% end-user approval and 97% accuracy.


With easy integration into a wide range of back-end technologies such as RPA, Teneo is enhancing the customer experience and increasing business productivity.

Client Testimonials

Teneo’s intelligent conversational style, combined with its enterprise strength development capabilities has enabled us to create an automated service that still ensures that every customer has the personalized experience they deserve.
cai insurance

Lars Engvall

Head of Future Lab, Folksam

We chose to work with Artificial Solutions because they could demonstrate within very short timescales the depth and power of Teneo’s capabilities for a global company.
circle k

Michael Lindbäck

Senior Director Operational Excellence, Circle K

Teneo allows our customers to have a sophisticated conversational experience within the virtual bank that increases customer engagement and enables us to continue a direct conversation with them.

Daniela Pivato

CTO, Widiba

We chose to work with Artificial Solutions because of the humanlike conversational experience Teneo delivers, alongside excellent scaling and integration abilities.
cai automotive

Jacob Pantzerhielm

Manager New Technology, Scania

Artificial Solutions’ robust, flexible platform has enabled us to easily build and go live with multiple conversational applications across a variety of channels, delivering our services to where our customers are already spending time.
kindered gambling

Michael Franklin

New Channels Owner, Kindred

Working with Artificial Solutions enables us to take a flexible approach to designing conversational AI systems that will work across any platform, language or device and allow car manufacturers to differentiate themselves by providing the ultimate driving experience.

Michele D’Alessandro

CTO, Rücker Lypsa

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