White Paper

The Rise of the Conversational Assistant

This white paper, using independently commissioned research, looks at the current use of voice assistants by consumers and considers the implications and likely changes in the near future.

Understand Customers' Expectations of Conversation Interfaces

Speech is no longer a passing phase, but a major interface that enterprises need to embrace in order to deliver the customer experience that their customers will be demanding within the next eighteen months.

For enterprises, understanding and delivering on customer expectations of conversational interfaces will be critical to surviving this digital transformation. In fact, 70% of users wish their voice assistant understood them better. They are demanding a more natural conversation with technology, one that enables them to have a more sophisticated experience with the companies and technology they interact with every day.

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • What are customers expectations regarding speech interfaces
  • Who are the current main players in the voice assistant market
  • The ‘How’ and ‘Why’ customers use voice
  • The next step for the conversational assistant
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