White Paper

Key Considerations for Successful Conversational AI

This white paper considers what topics should companies focus on when picking the right Conversational AI tool to build their projects: languages and localization, deployment models, total cost of ownership, and much more.

What do you need to consider before picking the right Conversational AI tool to ensure success?

Businesses are quickly acknowledging the importance of Conversational AI (CAI) to increase their customer engagement and revenues. The question is no longer whether to deploy Conversational AI (CAI), but rather which platform to use and how to leverage its capabilities.

Download the white paper to understand what questions you really need to ask, including:

  • How to succeed with multiple languages and localization
  • Deployment models and total cost of ownership
  • How to succeed with the entire bot lifecycle?
  • How can a CAI tech provider help you be more productive?

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