White Paper

Key Challenges Facing Retailers in The Online World

This white paper outlines the four major challenges facing online retailers looking to address customer service and support.

Managing the Omnichannel Experience

With customers buying across multiple screens and channels to suit their specific goals each time, a seamless, consistent shopping experience is essential – from the way each channel looks, to the technology used to power them – customers must be free to choose their own route through your website, and feel as if it is all one cohesive brand.

The challenges facing online retailers are unavoidable. But conversational AI, in the form of Teneo, offers a proven method to address them in a costeffective and usable manner, unifying your siloed contact channels into a measurable, data-driven communications interface.

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • The rise of the omnichannel and how customers’ expectations of a consistent experience has become the norm
  • Why delivering a great customer experience is fundamental for any business
  • How conversational data can generate a significant commercial advantage
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