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Conversational AI in Insurance: Embracing Digital Transformation for Success

Learn how the most progressive insurance companies are investing in Conversational AI to innovate their business.

Insurers are Going Digital to Ensure Continuity

Covid-19 has highlighted areas of weakness within enterprises. While most companies have developed contingency plans during the crisis, these didn’t usually take into account widespread quarantines, extended travel restrictions and a general lack of access to people.

The insurance sector has had to ensure long-term continuity under market conditions during the crisis, adapting to a remote work environment while adjusting to customer expectations and habits.

With digital transformation and automated self-service becoming more prominent, the insurance industry has been quick to value the capacity of artificial intelligence, innovation and conversational AI to take their services to the next level in order to survive and strive in the current and future market.

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  • Why insurance firms are turning to AI to provide solution beyond the current pandemic
  • Why conversational AI is key to increasing competitive edge
  • Main chatbot use cases in the Insurance sector
  • The importance of choosing a platform you can trust
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