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A seamless, personalized experience is essential for travel and leisure enterprises to stay ahead of the competition.

But delivering it isn’t always easy. While the number of different channels that customers want to communicate over has grown, available screen size has diminished and in some cases like smart home hubs, disappeared altogether.

Conversational AI solves these issues by allow customers to simply ask for they want. No more wading through endless meus to find an answer. Teneo makes it easy to deliver the answers your customers need wherever they are, on whatever device or service they choose to communicate over.

Whether it’s the cheapest flight from Australia to London or the best seat in the arena for tonight’s show, your intelligent virtual assistant has all the answers. What’s more, it makes discovering other related information from parking to security measures easy to find too.

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Flight Bookings and Information.

Make it personal.

Conversational AI delivers a faster, more convenient way to organize complex trips, and yet still offer the personal touch.

With each interaction you learn a little more about your customers that can be fed back into the system to ensure your customer is listened to, from their favorite airlines and hotel chains to regular destination trips. You can personalize offers, upgrades or add-on extras to increase engagement and drive loyalty.

With Teneo you can integrate other sources of information such as CRM databases, loyalty schemes or third-party sources to personalize interactions even further. Functionality can be expanded to complete the travel experience from fast hotel checkout including billing for the minibar to getting a cab to the airport.

Eventually your conversational application will know your customer so well, they can even anticipate behavior. “Wake-up call at 8am?”

And because you care about your customers’ privacy Teneo even includes the features require to help you meet the most stringent of data privacy regulation such as GDPR.


Chatbots: The Definitive Guide (2020)

Conversational AI Travel Leisure Chatbot

Keeping it real.

Teneo delivers the intuitive, intelligent experience you’d expect of a conversational AI application.

It understands that if the customer asks about trains to Edinburgh, deviates to discuss the weather and then asks “What about sleepers?” that the conversation has returned back to booking a ticket to Scotland. In fact if the customer deviates too far, Teneo will ensure that the customer is gently pushed back into the correct topic flow.

Unlike many of its competitors Teneo can tell the difference between “You cancelled my ticket” and “I cancelled my ticket” a conversation that should have two very different outcomes. Even silly questions such as “Can I take an elephant onto the bus?” are handled with ease because Teneo has a level of built-in understanding out of the box.

Whether its renting a car at their destination, how much the mini-bar drinks are or the time of the last train back to the hotel. Your customers will never be stuck trying to find an answer again.