Conversational AI for Telecom

Simplicity. The ultimate experience.

Conversational AI delivers a new experience to your customers. One where they simply ask for what they are looking for and consistently receive the right response.

Discover the ten ways that Teneo Studio accelerates bot-building in our white paper.

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Conversational AI Speed

Complex issues resolved in seconds.

For customers searching through self-help FAQs and knowledge forums to find an answer to a question, the frustration is palpable. Between contracts, devices, landline, mobile, 4g, fiber, residential or business user and so on, the number of variables that can affect a response to a query is staggering.

It’s no wonder that so many people end up ringing the call-center.

Teneo, with its humanlike, conversational style allows you to rapidly build natural language applications that integrate into back end systems and third party databases to pull the information from many different sources and deliver an immediate answer. First time. Every time.

Your customers can resolve technical issues, find out the latest upgrade deal, even change their address at a simple request. No more clicking through endless menus or waiting for the call-center to answer.

Conversational AI 24/7

An expert adviser. 24/7

Fully trained and always up to date with the latest information, an intelligent virtual assistant is capable of carrying out a multitude of tasks from sales to technical support.

They can ask potential customers questions to help narrow down selections, encourage existing customers to login for a more relevant experience and access third party data via APIs to provide additional knowledge such as phone manufacturer details.

They can be proactive and recommend better data contracts based on the customer usage, or an early upgrade as reward for a customer that might be saying something that makes your digital employee think their about to switch providers. And if that doesn’t work you simply switch the customer to a live agent, complete with the conversation so far.

A digital employee can understand customers, regardless of how they ask a question. Not just the simple questions such as “What are the roaming rates for Brazil?”, but also understand that when the customer continues the interactions and says “and in Mexico”, that they are still enquiring about roaming rates. In fact, Teneo based digital employees are even able to bring a customer back on track to the original query if they digress onto another topic.

Even complicated technical descriptions doesn’t faze an intelligent virtual assistant. With a range of tools at their disposal such as extended panes to display additional content such as videos, outside of the interaction, a conversational AI chatbot can handle even the trickiest of explanations to customers.


Chatbots: The Definitive Guide (2020)

Conversational AI Understanding

Learn more about your customer.

Teneo provides the unique ability for you to learn more about your customer. Whether that’s implicitly through a conversation or by simply asking them a question such as “what’s your favorite TV program” during a conversation.

All this data gives enterprises a deeper understanding of its customers’ profile. Information that can be used to personalize the interaction or on a larger scale to deliver trends and insights, alongside actionable business data. Teneo Data provides the analytics tools you need to improve your bottom line with each customer interaction, while making business decisions based on real customer data, not gut feel.

Teneo also provides the ability to anonymize and pseudonymize the data, helping you meet data privacy regulations such as GDPR, while still deriving significant value from the data your conversational AI application generates.

Don’t leave your customers floundering online. Deliver a simpler, more sophisticated experience with Teneo.