Supercharging Contact Centers

The most powerful conversational technology for next-generation telecommunications

Teneo unifies and delivers outstanding conversational customer experiences through a single SaaS platform that is part of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. Enjoy enterprise-grade security, 85+ languages, 99.99% SLAs, deep-data analytics, improved NPS scores and reduced AHT´s. It’s time to supercharge your contact center and revolutionize your customer service.

How Conversational AI Provides Superior Customer Service

Reduce Average Handling Time by 2 Minutes

The contact center sits at the heart of customer engagement for the telecommunication sector and Conversational AI is a critical component for organizations aiming to improve customer satisfaction, reduce wait times and increase transfer quotas. Average Handling Time is reduced, on average, by 2 minutes when a contact center is equipped with a CAI solution which can answer calls 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Create the next generation work environment

Contact centers suffer from high employee turnover and face numerous staffing challenges relating to employee experience. However, with significant support from an intelligent Conversational AI solution, staff report a *% increase in job satisfaction, meaning lower staff turnover and reduced recruitment costs.

Aligned to your Cloud Strategy

Contact centers are changing, and cloud operations represent the future of telecommunication system management. Teneo is 100% cloud-based to ensure our customers are completely future proofed and their data is protected no matter what.

Answer the phone in 85+ languages

Create complex multilingual solutions in less time and with less effort using Teneo´s unique hybrid approach to machine learning and linguistic modeling capabilities. Create accurate and precise solutions in one language, and scale them efficiently across other languages as your solution grows across your international contact centers.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

As part of Microsoft Azure, Teneo represents an open environment for your technical team to create and develop without limits. A hybrid model and collaboration-first approach to our platform ensures that Teneo can be integrated with every technology and system that your organization operates, including the full library of apps and services part of Azure.

Open System Orchestration

Teneo seamlessly integrates with the channels and platforms that operate throughout your contact center, no matter the level of complexity. Teneo is optimized to embed within your ecosystem, rather than as a bolt-on technology, ensuring you avoid friction, lag, and latency regardless of the channel.

Scale without Limits. Scale without Risk.

Our SaaS architecture provides native development, testing, and deployment capabilities to align with your enterprise processes. With adaptive scaling and resource management, you will never miss another customer, no matter where in the world or whichever channel they prefer.

Catch Issues Early, or better yet avoid them entirely.

Access all levels of conversational data before, during, and after deployment. Gain real-time visibility into the performance of every conversation. Seamless integration with your business intelligence and analytics ecosystem.

Protect your Data and Guarantee your Service

With enterprise-grade security, data backup & protection, and a service-level agreement of 99.9%, our SaaS solution gives you a highly scalable service without any security or resiliency compromises.

Get the Expert Support you need to be most effective

We know it is not just about technology. Leverage our 20+ years of experience in designing, building, and scaling conversational AI solutions. Our Customer Success team will be there to support you along the entire journey from idea to implementation and beyond.

How Teneo Powered Europe's Largest CAI Telco Project

Swisscom is the largest Telecommunications provider in Switzerland and started using Teneo to design and develop complex customer journeys at the start of 2020. The Conversational AI system was created to support contact centers by answering incoming customer calls in German, Italian, French and English. After a rapid two-year period of growth, Swisscom now operates Europe´s largest and most successful CAI project.

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Net Promoter Score (NPS) increase of +18 points

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9 million calls per year supported by Teneo built CAI solution.

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Solution covers German, Italian, French and English

Teneo, a results-driven platform

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