Conversational AI in Smart Homes & IoT

Seamlessly connected.

Conversational AI overcomes interoperability issues to make the smart life an effortless, seamless experience.

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Conversational AI IOT

Anytime. Any place. Anywhere.

From the smart home to the connect car, Teneo delivers a highly sophisticated user experience. Running over any service, device or operating system, Teneo allows users to interact with their connected life as they switch between devices during the day.

Teneo can integrate into other applications of your customers life such as a calendar to proactively make suggestions to make their life easier. It could provide the weather for the city they are visiting that day, recognize they are taking a half day off work and offer to turn up the heating early, or simply remind them their favorite suit is still at the cleaners if they were planning on wearing it to that interview on Friday.

Teneo is able to learn about your customer both explicitly and implicitly and use this information, with the customer’s permission, to deliver more relevant and personalized answers. For example, it knows you hate Italian food after you told the application explicitly when it offered it last week as a possible restaurant choice. But that you love Chinese, judging by all those take-aways you keep ordering.

Next time you find yourself in a strange city on a business trip you ask your mobile app for recommendations for dinner. It doesn’t bother telling you about the great Italian just around the corner, and goes straight for a Chinese restaurant near-by that has an excellent reputation.

Conversational AI voice

Conversational – nothing easier.

One of the key issues for the connected home has been interoperability between devices and machines. The end result is a vast number of apps required to control the smart home, each often needing several menu clicks in order to carry out the simplest of tasks.

Teneo allows enterprises to offer an “all-in-one” controller. One where the customer simply asks for what they want, in their own words and it happens. Easily, without fuss.

“Turn on the lights after 8pm Monday to Friday” or “Set up the satnav with the address of my first meeting tomorrow.” Teneo can even warn the user if they don’t have enough fuel and schedule a stop at a station that takes their fuel card.

Totally customizable, Teneo allows you to integrate legacy systems (even those without handy APIs), third-party databases and other external services to deliver an even more relevant and memorable experience to your customers.


Chatbots: The Definitive Guide (2020)

Conversational AI Connecting IoT

Connecting the IoT.

Artificial Solutions takes operability and the IoT a step further with its patented intelligent framework. Designed to deliver Teneo conversational AI systems with the knowledge for every occasion, this eco-system of virtual assistants ‘snaps’ together to create larger applications.

Seamlessly accessed using intelligent routing based on implicit personalization, the framework enables users to interact with private, shared and public IoT ecosystems.

It combines an industry leading conversational AI development environment to rapidly build intelligent, natural language based UX for devices, apps and services, with a method of ‘linking’ these domain specific apps into a unique eco-system of intelligent humanlike virtual assistants independent of language, operating system and device.

For enterprises it represents the opportunity to build an eco-system of intelligent conversational AI apps that connect together the IoT without compromising content ownership and delivery services.

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