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Ranging from intelligent customer service chatbots and virtual assistants that improve customer experience, through driving online sales revenue using humanlike virtual sales assistants, to new ways of differentiation via intelligent voice interfaces, Teneo is putting the power of AI into every industry and business function, whether that is gaming, fast-food or finance; sales, the call centre or HR - Teneo has it covered.

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Conversation. Universally engaging.

Conversational AI allows people to communicate with applications, websites and devices in everyday, humanlike natural language via voice, text, touch or gesture input. It offers an engaging and intuitive way of interacting with technology and is set to revolutionize how humans relate to machines.

Users value conversational AI interfaces because they are fast, intuitive and convenient. For enterprises, it offers a way to build a more personalized and engaging customer experience, that in return delivers a wealth of customer information which is highly valuable in growing their business.

Enterprises are increasingly turning to conversational AI solutions to help in all areas where there is communication between humans today. Often referred to as chatbots, bots, intelligent virtual assistants or digital employees, conversational AI is transforming human-computer interaction.

For example, in customer service, intelligent chatbots are automating customer queries to free up the workforce for more nonstandard work. Conversational interfaces are transforming the dynamics from “the user having to learn the interface” to “the chatbot is learning what the user wants” and are already having significant implications for onboarding, training, productivity and efficiency inside the workplace.

In smart-homes, voice-assistants are starting to control household devices and services and, in the auto-sector, info-assistants are becoming more capable and intelligent, allowing drivers to control features and applications by voice.

Indeed, the diversity and growth in the use of conversational AI means that “conversation” is set to be the next human-computer frontier.

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Rewarding. In every sense.

For enterprises, there are four primary drivers for investing in conversational AI:

  • Drive more revenue. Intelligent chatbots guide customers on a buying journey, driving sales conversion and revenue. Automated online sales advisors remember customer preferences and provide advice, tips and help, while gently upselling.  Anonymized conversational data can be used to understand trends and better interpret customer sentiment, providing invaluable insight that informs product and service development. Text-based messenger bots offer new channels for automated sales conversations to engage customers and provide personalized advice and support.
  • Reduce Costs. By automating a proportion of the calls, emails, SMS and social media messages and live chat sessions that would have otherwise required direct human involvement, conversational AI solutions free up time to allow existing employees to focus on higher-value customer engagements. Automated customer services bots operate around the clock, eliminating the need for out-of-hours service and can reduce calls to service centers by up to 40%.
  • Offer new methods of customer engagement. There are instances where a conversational interface is simply a better option. For example, automating customer service using a virtual assistant that can scale across millions of users, allows customer issues to be answered in an efficient yet humanlike manner, 24 hours a day. A maintenance engineer wearing protective clothing can access technical manuals using voice while keeping both hands free. An artificially intelligent chatbot capability can deliver advice and support across a wide-range of issues and sectors.
  • Build differentiation. Conversational AI interfaces help deliver a frictionless user experience that drives product differentiation. A virtual reality banking experience with an artificially intelligent voice interface sends a strong message of innovation. Conversing with computer game characters as though they were articulate humans, delivers new levels of customer engagement.  A voice interface provides an intuitive replacement to a complex menu system for home automation and security.

Chatbots: The Definitive Guide (2020)

One platform. Endless possibilities.

But building truly conversational, humanlike and capable conversational solutions isn’t easy. When we converse as humans, we are unpredictable, we don’t say what is expected, we use our own terminology, we branch off at tangents, we circle back, we miss out crucial facts and figures, we ask for clarifications. Even interpreting simple responses from a user such as “What’s available?” means the conversational system must have a memory and understand the subject of the conversation.

Replicating this conversational capability of humans in machines is complex and when combined with achieving this in multiple languages and across different channels such as web, mobile, messaging services, smart-home devices and more, it becomes extremely challenging.

Teneo simplifies the development process to make it easy for enterprises in any industry to build advanced conversational AI applications in over 35 languages, running over any device, service or operating service.

All it needs is your vision.