Conversational AI for Automotive

Connected. In Car and Out.

Conversational AI allows you to build a relationship with your customers from the moment they reach your website straight through to driving the car.

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Conversational AI Automotive Engaging

Engaging From the Start

From digital co-driver to infotainment manager, Teneo makes it easy for customers to intuitively interact with any vehicle.

But your customers’ journey doesn’t start there. It begins from the moment they access your website to discover more about your range.

An intelligent virtual assistant that is able to guide customers from choosing the right vehicle for their needs and budget, in a chatty conversational style helps to increase engagement. Using the information gleaned from talking to your customer, the chatbot can help configure the car including upselling accessories and warranties.

Your digital employee can then find the closest match to the final configuration and even arrange a test drive with the customer’s nearest dealer.

Engaging your customers using conversational AI, not only significantly increases online conversion rates, but provides a solid pipeline of highly qualified leads to your dealerships.

Conversational AI Automotive Entertainment

Beyond In-Car Entertainment.

The menu driven, command style of most automotive apps does little to engage the customer or make their life more convenient. Conversational AI changes this by allowing customers to ask questions and give orders using their own words—not your jargon.

With Teneo’s ability to seamless integrate into other systems you can create a conversation that goes beyond the boundaries of the vehicle to interact with other services such as home automation, charging stations, or road-side assist.

Customers can talk to their in-car systems, even when they’re not in the car. They can find the answer to those pesky questions such as, “I’m going to Birmingham today, do I have enough fuel?”, before they even leave for work in the morning.

This type of interaction allows for proactive responses to add value such as offering to schedule a fuel stop at their favorite gas station or alert a customer if their daily commute has a delay.

Because Teneo enables for applications to be easily ported to other devices, services and languages. Your customer isn’t restrained to your mobile app. They can converse over any channel you allow, from messaging services to smart home hubs.

And with each conversation you gain a deeper understanding of their needs.


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Conversational AI Automotive Differentiation

Stay in the Driving Seat

While it might be tempting to OEM a pre-built app, there are three main reasons why this is not a good idea. Differentiation, data and privacy.

Pre-built apps only offer a limited functionality. This restricts your ability to differentiate the brand and vehicles within the range. It also means you can’t build out the vision you may have planned on your roadmap.

More importantly, using a pre-built app also means losing control of one of the most important assets to come out of conversational systems—customer data. All those conversations with your customer are potentially being shared with third party. In some cases, it may be that you don’t even receive all of the data.

Teneo allows you to own all of the data generated. We even provide you with the tools to mine it. In addition, Teneo delivers the capabilities required to help you meet data privacy regulations such as GDPR.