Who holds the key to language – algorithms or people?

key to language

This is the question Artificial Solutions’ Gard Jenset considers in his latest article on Dataconomy.com The Key to AI with Human-Like Language Understanding? Humans.

He looks at the advantages of a hybrid approach in developing NLI applications. One that uses both a rule-based algorithm created by expert humans and statistical algorithms where appropriate.

“According to the hype, the key to automated natural language understanding lies in vast data collections containing millions of words coupled with machine learning algorithms,” Gard writes. “If you believe this version of the story, such algorithms can automatically learn the intricacies of language well enough to, if not write the next Man Booker Prize winner, at least provide a decent natural language interface to a computer app.”

You can read the full article here: http://dataconomy.com/ai-language-understanding/

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