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Gartner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Conversational AI Platform


Gartner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Conversational AI Platform

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Choose the best approach to simplify the decision process

Choosing the wrong conversational AI development platform for your organization could cause significant losses in productivity and investment. Avoid AI implementation failure and access Gartner’s market knowledge to support your buying decision.  

It’s frustrating to interact with a virtual agent that fails to provide support. Don’t let it happen to yours.

Avoid chatbot chaos and consider: 

  • Short- and long-term business challenges 
  • Opportunities to scale 
  • How to share data between departments 

If you don’t, you’ll soon find your customers complaining about your virtual agent. Out loud.

The central question remains: There are a lot of platforms out there, but how do I choose the right conversational AI platform for my business? 

This report will help you make an accurate assessment based upon three methodologies:

  1. Toolkits offerings: This approach uses a framework of services or SDKs to build conversational platforms and chatbot solutions. It is suitable when deep technical customization capabilities are required. 
  2. Platform-based offerings: Platform-based solutions lead with a configuration, low-code, administrator GUI-type implementation and maintenance approach for chatbot deployments 
  3. Targeted service offerings: These solutions focus on a particular vertical, use case or requirement.  


This report will help you identify and select the optimal type of Conversational AI solution for your business. 

Transforming unsatisfactory conversations into happy customers.

Because THAT’S what your customers need most.

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