What is Natural Language Interaction?

Natural Language Interaction

You’re wondering what Natural Language Interaction is – nowadays, the evolution of technology is quick, constant and hard to keep track of, even if you describe yourself as a tech geek. We are bombarded with thousands of articles about different products and technologies, we have sampled hundreds of computer software applications and we depend on computers and other technological devices to perform our daily tasks. We have learned to pick those applications and technologies that work for us and that keep evolving to make our life easier as they improve and develop. Software is reaching a point where it almost understands you when you talk to it… or are we there yet?

Yes, we are there. Computers can understand not only what we say but more important, they are now able to understand what we mean. How? With Natural Language Interaction.

Natural Language Interaction (NLI) is the next evolving stage of Natural Language Processing (NLP), the technology that allows computers and humans to communicate using natural language (the way we speak to other humans) instead of using a set of programming codes. With Natural Language Processing, computers are able to convert a large set of natural language rules into computer codes, in order to understand and provide a correct answer.  This interaction can take place over different platforms, devices and languages and is aided by other types of software such as speech recognition and text-to-speech. But what is next?

What is Natural Language Interaction all about?

Natural Language Interaction takes NLP technology further, allowing humans and computers to do more than just communicate; it allows them to interact and complement each other to perform all types of tasks. One of the uses of NLI that best shows the potential of this technology is the creation of online virtual assistants, a software placed inside a website or mobile app that is capable of interacting with the user, having a proper dialogue for marketing, customer service, sales and other purposes but also show memory capability and dynamic content generated specifically for each user.

One of my favorite and contemporary virtual assistants, a fully NLI based system, is named Sol. Sol, has been developed by the company Artificial Solutions and her purpose is to help clients and prospects find information about the company, its products, services and employees. She has hidden features such as integration with spotify and the ability to book a trip to Mars if you ask her nicely.  Sol has an amazing talent taking my breath away with the quality and flexibility of her answers for ALL kinds of questions. Her demo is available online for free, so you too can discover what Natural Language Interaction allows computers to do!

The Natural Language Opportunity

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