Top 10 Most Wanted Apps That Don’t Exist Yet

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Are there any apps that don´t exist yet? It´s not many years ago that the word “app” had very little meaning to most of us. However, when Apple launched its “App Store” in 2008 the word soon became a global term and in 2010 it was listed as “Word of the Year” by the American Dialect Society. Today the world of smartphones and tablets would not be what it is without its billions of apps.

According to a forecast by Statista, the market for mobile applications will continue to accelerate as the number of downloaded apps is expected to increase to 268.69 billion in 2017.

Top 10 most wanted apps that don’t exist yet
This statistic shows a forecast for the number of mobile app downloads from 2009 to 2017, represented in millions.

With such a massive number of apps, here at Artificial Solutions, we thought that there can’t be many more apps for developers to come up with. However, curious to find out what types of apps people still miss we carried out an independent survey to discover what the ultimate apps that you, the people, would like to have – and here we go:

Here are the top 10 most wanted apps that don’t exist yet

1. An app that works as a weather radar for local rainfall

2. An intelligent reminder app that learns your habits

3. An app that creates more hours in the day

4. An app to make an appointment with the doctor

5. An app that knows what you have in your pantry, knows your buying habits and as you walk around the supermarket reminds you what to get off the shelf

6. An app that notifies you when you’re going in the wrong direction but haven’t got navigation turned on

7. An app that permits you to switch off your phone depending on your Geo-position if you request it, e.g. in a cinema or theater

8. An app that learns your habits and recommends activities based on location

9. An app that suggests what kind of dinner you can make with the ingredients that you have in the kitchen

10. An app that notifies you of cheap last minute flights

Personally, my favorite app would be number 3, but I think that app can only exist indirectly. For example, if I could have a really clever personal assistant on my smartphone that would help me with certain tasks, then at least I might save 3 hours doing mundane things and rather spend my time playing with my other apps.

What would be your favorite app?

Looking for a little more information on what´s going on in the app world this year?

When you hear the word “app” you might automatically think “Games”, and that´s a fair assumption since almost 25% of all the apps in the Apple App Store in December 2016, were games. But what kind of apps took up the other 75%? Here´s a graph of the category breakdown in the Apple App Store from Statista as of December 2016.

most popular apple app store categories
The statistic shows the most popular categories in the Apple App Store ranked share of active apps In December 2016.

Something that might be a little more interesting is the fastest growing mobile app categories in 2016. This graph shows the fastest growing mobile app categories based on year-on-year growth of consumer time spend in 2016. The biggest gains were made by messaging and social apps at 44 percent increase with sports apps a close second at 43 percent, while the mobile app category with the largest loss was personalization apps with a 46 percent decrease.

fastest growing mobile app categories 2016

What do you think about the app boom in recent years? And, what app would you most like to see in the near future?

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