The Top Conversational AI Webinars of 2021

As we start 2022, hopeful that will be able to go back to physical exhibitions soon, take the opportunity to access some of the best Conversational AI Webinars that have took place last year.

With so many companies fighting to grab the attention through webinars, our team worked to produce an industry-leading program of events for businesses looking to explore a Conversational AI journey.

How to Develop Scalable Multilingual Conversational AI Applications Quick & Easy

Conversational AI webinars

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Enterprises are faced with the challenge of creating global conversational solutions that can engage customers in many languages all over the world while still understanding them effortlessly.

This may sound like a huge task – but it doesn’t need to be. In this webinar, you can see how Teneo uses a master language solution to quickly develop and scale to other languages. Develop once, deploy across many – no need to begin from scratch for each additional language. 

Setting up your business for Conversational AI Success

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Conversational AI is no longer a complex, unattainable technology that only a few companies know how to implement. The increase of low-code and graphical interfaces in the market has pushed companies to start taking ownership and developing their own Conversational AI solutions in-house, instead of purely relying on technology providers.

Therefore, the demand for team productivity and project scalability has surged.

As your company prepares to embark on this journey, how do you ensure that your organization is ready for Conversational AI Success? Find out by watching this webinar!

How to improve your Teneo chatbot with E2E test automation

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Testing is a crucial enabler for the success of chatbots, however, the manual process requires enormous time and effort.

Therefore, automated testing represents a critical solution to ensure that bots do what their designers intend. In this webinar, Conversational AI experts showcase the setup of a test automation pipeline for a Teneo based chatbot to continuously check conversation flows, NLP performance, and full End-to-End Testing.

LUIS^Teneo: a Game Changer Tool for Bot Framework Developers

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Looking for a tool to rapidly speed up the development of bots built with MS LUIS and the Bot Framework, increase the productivity of your team, and easily scale all your solutions? And would you like to do it in 86 languages? Look no more; just watch this webinar….

Teneo + Power BI: Your Conversational Solutions Enhanced by Data Visualization

Conversational AI Webinars

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In our quest to make your development team even more productive, we have recently developed a connector for our Teneo Platform to integrate with Microsoft’s Power BI.

This allows Teneo users to create their own reports on Power BI, to analyze the conversational data from their Conversational AI solutions. Enjoy this webinar to learn more about what your team can achieve with this connector.

BONUS: How much code do I need to build Conversational Experiences?

Still hungry for more? Enjoy our first webinar of 2022 and join a fun discussion between Conversational AI experts discussing the pros and cons of No Code, Low Code and Pro Code options and what they recommend from their experience to different users based on what kind of solutions these want to build.