The latest innovation in Conversational AI arrives with Teneo

The latest upgrade to Teneo has arrived and with it, the leading SaaS-based platform for developing and scaling Conversational AI solutions, just got better.

In this article, we will cover the key updates to the platform and explain how Artificial Solutions’ approach to Conversational AI enables organizations and developer teams to create industry-leading customer experiences.

Providing creators with the power of creativity

This release builds upon Teneo’s pedigree as the most productive & efficient platform for conversation design and solution development.

Focusing on a more intuitive and effective developer’s journey, one that emboldens creativity and enhances productivity, this latest release will enable teams to build better customer experiences faster, with higher quality and greater efficiency.

One of the keys to unlocking a better customer experience, is improving the developer experience while using Teneo. Creativity and productivity are dramatically enhanced when creators can focus on the product, not the tools, therefore, Teneo has been designed to be a natural extension of the creative process.

The platform arms developers with the expert tooling they need to be their most productive, while supporting them throughout the development lifecycle with quality assurance and design intelligence, guiding them and assisting them from build to implementation and through continuous, ongoing improvement.

Expanded Studio Access

One of the most important new features of the platform is the expanded access to Teneo Studio. Teneo now supports users accessing Studio over a streamlined web client as well as through a feature-rich desktop client.

As Conversational AI development teams become increasingly diverse, drawing support from traditional application developers, advanced conversation designers, as well as from subject matter experts within the business, it has become even more critical to cater to these unique and varied user experiences.

For advanced technical users that want a more traditional IDE, Teneo Studio’s desktop client might be ideal. For lesser technical business users, the new web client may make more sense. Or perhaps an advanced user just wants to make a simple change or review a flow design, in which case the web client may be more effective.

Either way, users are free to choose whichever client works best for them and can pivot and change throughout their development journey as needed.

Optimized Development Experience

Whichever access method you choose, whether it’s web or desktop, the next set of improvements you’ll find in the latest release will be the optimized flow design experience.

As Conversational AI use cases continue to expand in terms of scope and complexity, the underlying workflows that support them also grow. Conversation designers building solutions for the enterprise contact center find themselves wrestling with interfaces never designed for solutions at such scale.

However, Teneo’s improved design canvas supports even the most complex and complicated flows without subjecting the builder to an equally complex and complicated user interface. Teneo Studio keeps developers focused, productive, and “in the zone”, regardless of the solution’s scope and scale.

Teneo clears up the often cluttered and inefficient CAI workbench, by exposing only what’s needed, when it’s needed. Teneo Studio provides descriptive and explainable features with a perspective geared toward conversations and customer experience, rather than systems and technology.

Improved Solution Quality

Teneo Studio leverages decades of experience from Artificial Solutions’ team for building and refining large-scale, enterprise-grade contact center solutions to provide users with expert support throughout the development lifecycle.

The developer’s journey in Conversational AI is often a slow and cumbersome one, made more inefficient by a quality control process that typically kicks in after initial design and development.

With our latest upgrade, Teneo introduces quality assurance and support at the very outset of solution design that continues  support through the development lifecycle. Teneo Studio will guide, recommend, and provide quality insights and recommendations at every step along the way.

Supportive, descriptive, and explainable tooling makes Teneo easier to learn and easier to master. Ensuring your customer experience solutions are delivered faster, with greater functionality, and with higher quality.

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