Teneo Studio Enables Fast Development of Natural Language Capabilities

The latest version of Teneo Studio was announced today; an advanced software tool that enables business users to create their own intelligent natural language solutions in record time using its natural language capabilities.

Version 2 of Teneo Studio encompasses a wide number of new features that makes it ideally suited to the needs of large enterprises by enabling the seamless collaboration between disparate teams in the development and maintenance of intelligent virtual assistants. Built for the non-technical business user, Teneo Studio’s intuitive interface automates complex tasks through under the hood algorithms and automated workflows, making it easy to deliver customer focused natural language capability across every customer touch point in the enterprise (websites, mobile, consumer devices, email, social networks, SMS, online service, ecommerce).

Before the launch of Teneo Studio, creating sophisticated natural language solutions that exhibit high levels of intelligence and humanlike behavior was an inherently complex and time-consuming task. For example, there are many different ways to to have a natural language based human-machine dialogue. The underlying technology needs to identify if further qualification is required, to respond in a meaningful way, to action a command and so much more, that in the past, complex and difficult dialogue management tools were needed to develop natural language capabilities. Teneo Studio has revolutionized this task by harnessing Artificial Solutions’ proven natural language interaction engine and surfacing it through a user-friendly graphical interface that allows virtually anyone to create their own, intelligent virtual assistant in record time.

“In the early days of natural language processing [NLP], the amount of time and effort to create and maintain natural language solutions held back the wide scale deployment of virtual assistants,” says Andreas Wieweg, Chief Technology Officer of Artificial Solutions. “Teneo Studio removed that barrier and now with additional collaboration, access control and audit features this latest version opens up a whole new range of NLI possibilities to large enterprises.”

Teneo Studio allows business users to work with complex dialog flows and structures, in a graphical, easy to understand flowchart format and ensures that changes, updates and enhancements can be made as frequently as needed. Multiple users can work on the same projects through powerful access rights and workflows, whilst master-branch structures allow projects to be deployed and managed on a global scale in many different geographies and languages.

Teneo Studio is not limited to just creating Virtual Assistants. The intelligence behind any Artificial Solutions’ NLI products can be easily created with Teneo Studio, including Teneo Mobile speech enabled apps, Teneo for consumer devices such as SmartTVs, tablets and satnavs and Teneo eMail Optimizer for email automation. A robust SaaS infrastructure allows for secure large-scale deployments, whilst Teneo Studio’s integration manager ensures smooth cohesion with both internal back-end systems and external web-services.

Concluding, Andy Peart, Chief Marketing Officer of Artificial Solutions said “I know it’s a cliché but Teneo Studio really has revolutionized the way natural language solutions are being built. Version 2 adds powerful enterprise features that will allow our users to bring new, NLI solutions to market even faster.”

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