Teneo Network of Knowledge is Finalist in IoT Awards

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that it is a finalist in the Internet of Things (IoT) Awards. The Teneo™ Network of Knowledge, a patented intelligent framework that enables users to interact with the private, shared and public ecosystem of devices, is shortlisted for the Innovative Platform award.

Organized by Total Telecom, the IoTAs are the first major awards to recognise innovation and excellence within the Internet of Things eco-system. The winners will be chosen by a panel of industry experts and named during the Total Telecom Festival that also plays host to the established World Communication Awards.

Artificial Solutions envisages a world in the very near future in which the IoT has devices tiered into three groups; personal ’master’ devices such as smartphones and wearables, shared devices in a private eco-system such as TVs, house management, automotive and “open domain” devices such as speed sensors on public highways.

“The “master” gateway devices will be highly personalized, predictive and intelligent and used to control and manage the other two tiers,” says Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions. “They will therefore require highly intuitive, humanlike natural language enabled interfaces that are able to persist conversations over a number of devices, have memory, contextual understanding and be able to reason and react to inputs in an intelligent manner.”

The Teneo Network of Knowledge combines an industry leading natural language development environment that enables the rapid creation of intelligent user interfaces for devices, apps and services, with a method of ‘linking’ them into a unique eco-system of intelligent humanlike virtual assistants able to operate independent of language, operating system and device.

“We’re very pleased that the potential of the Network of Knowledge has been recognised by such a distinguished panel of experts and look forward to the awards ceremony later this year,” concludes Peart.

Winners of the the IoT Awards will be revealed in London on the 2 December 2014.

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