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We wanted to give you a brief update on new content we added to the Teneo Developers website, providing some key developers news updates.

French and German
As you probably already heard we made the language resources for French and German available. These language resources include:

  • Lexical Resources (containing language objects, entities etc)
  • Hybrid Dialog Resources (containing small talk and other pre-defined flows)
  • Date/Time Resources (needed for handing dates and times in natural language)

Developers can create solutions in any of the 35 languages we support, but language resources are available for English, French and German only. More info here: https://www.teneo.ai/studio/language-understanding/concepts/languages

Once we have tested 5.1.1, we will make it available for new signups so they can use even more languages.

New prebuilt solution: Book a meeting room

On the website we offer various prebuilt solutions that contain common or interesting features. For example, the Live Chat handover prebuilt solution shows what a live chat handover flow might look like, how you collect the conversation history and how you can pass that on to a live agent.

We have recently added a new prebuilt solution ‘Book a meeting room’. It shows how you can handle inputs like ‘Book a meeting room for 3 people tomorrow from 2 to 4 in the afternoon, including a projector’. This is the first prebuilt solution that also contains a video explaining the core concepts demonstrated in the solution. More details here: https://www.teneo.ai/studio/bot-design/plan-your-bot

New channels/connectors

We want to make it as easy as possible for developers to make their solution available across multiple channels. These are the new connectors we added after we launched:

  • Alexa
  • Android (example project for an Android app)
  • Discord
  • iOS (example project for an iOS app)
  • IVR (using a service from Twilio)
  • LINE
  • WeChat
  • WhatsApp (using a service from Twilio)

For a complete list of the channels/connectors we cover now: https://www.teneo.ai/engine/channels

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