Teneo 4 – Take Back Control of Your Customers

Discover how customer needs are evolving and how intelligent virtual agents can enable enterprises to meet customer service demands now and in the future.

Today we’re launching version 4 of Teneo, the world’s first fully integrated, holistic NLI platform. Why should you care? Because it will put your organisation back in the game against the tech-goliaths that are trying to take over the world, along with your customers and ultimately your business.

Consumer expectations are changing rapidly. We now have connected cars, home automation, mobile everything. Even your granny understands the concept of the IoT, although she may not remember what the acronym stands for.

The demand to be able to control and interact with these devices using voice is growing exponentially. It is without doubt the next big thing.

But here’s the crunch. The delivery of these natural language interfaces is mainly in the hands of the tech-goliaths – Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook. They control who has access to the platforms, the data and ultimately the customers. Your customers!

Already in the telco sector the network operators are being sidelined by the phone manufacturers and if they’re not careful, the same thing will happen in the financial sector as services such as ApplePay take off. Banks will be left just carrying out the backend transactions with no real interaction with their customers. It’s early days for Amazon Echo, but I think it’s safe to say it’s already causing headaches in the boardrooms of retail organizations.

So, if cozying up to Apple et al isn’t an option, what are the alternatives?

The opportunity for enterprises to truly differentiate themselves and re-engage with their customers by adding natural language capabilities are immense – whether it be providing automated customer service through intelligent natural language virtual assistants or speech-enabling an application like a home automation hub. They like the idea of a natural language interface, but have the perception that it is cost prohibitive, and there’s a reason for this. If you’re not using the right technology it is!

And it’s not just the cost of setting up the initial interface. It’s the investment in talent with highly specialised skills that are in short supply; lead times can be exceptionally long making it hard to justify a return on investment; there’s no visibility by business users during development, any error or miscommunication in design results in costly mistakes. And so the list goes on.

But there is a way to bridge this gap. One that enables enterprises to uniquely own the data and obtain real value from it, while meeting consumer demands for intelligent natural language interfaces that understand them.

Conversational Data – Revolutionizing the Information Age White Paper

This white paper shows how Teneo can help businesses exploit data through the implementation of enterprise-focused, conversational AI solutions, while crucially still retaining full ownership and control over it.

View this White Paper

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