Strategies to Counter Call Center Traffic Spikes

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Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI), the leading specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI has teamed up with customer engagement solutions provider CSG in its latest webinar. The two companies will take a deeper look at how enterprises can counter call center traffic spikes using the latest technology in conversational AI.

While most call centers have contingency plans for unexpected volumes, they are frequently for short lived events. A weather emergency or a product recall, even something good like a celebrity endorsement can cause an increase in inbound calls. But sometimes, such as the case with Covid-19, the traffic spike becomes prolonged, and other factors such as staff shortages, changing working conditions and cost restrictions compound the issues.

Conversational AI can help businesses overcome the problem by diverting a large percentage of calls to be answered automatically over a channel of the customer’s choosing. Delivering a far superior personalized, customer experience than a typical command driven chatbot, conversational AI enables the end-user to ask for what they want using their own words and terminology.

Easy to update and maintain, conversational AI applications help businesses to deal with changes in circumstances quickly and efficiently, while providing actionable insight back to the business without compromising privacy concerns.

Join Ann Knox and Peter Joles of Artificial Solutions and Amy Allen, from our partner CSG, on May 12 to discover how conversational AI can enhance call center agility.

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Conversational AI for Contact Center Agility

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