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The Cambridge Analytica debacle has thrown up two points: the value of personal data, even innocuous statements, and the need to protect it.

We’ve talked about the value of conversational data for a long time, but perhaps not so much as to what we do to enable enterprises to ensure they can comply with their own data protection policies and procedures.

Firstly, there is no debate over the issue of data ownership. It is legally the property of our clients. They receive all of the interactions that take place, not just “the final pizza order”.

Secondly, if required, clients can self-host their entire deployment of Teneo, allowing organizations to meet the most rigorous of security measures.

Finally, and we’ll be releasing more information on this soon, is the developments made to Teneo’s architecture to enable enterprises to fully comply with data privacy legislation such as GDPR and still derive insight from the data.

Data security is a key consideration for any enterprise, particularly when dealing with regulatory frameworks and customers’ personal information, and it is Teneo’s open architecture that allows organizations to meet today’s exacting security conditions, across multiple geographies and legal requirements.

With Teneo, our clients can deploy state of the art conversational interfaces in a totally secure manner, away from the prying eyes of many large multi-national giants desperate to access this wealth of knowledge and derived intelligence.

But it’s not just the big tech giants enterprises need to watch out for; smaller players and start-ups are also snapping at the heels of multi-nationals trying to learn everything they can about their customers. Need proof? Just look at Cleo—the new banking app, that isn’t a bank. This is a handy conversational interface set between the customer and the financial institution and it is designed to know more about the customer in a couple of weeks than a bank could probably learn from a traditional app in five years of use.

If you’ve not yet included conversational AI into your digital strategy, rather ironically this scandal over data misuse highlights its importance for the future. Enterprises just need to make sure that any implementation complies with regulation and is secure.

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