Partnership Expands Artificial Solutions’ Reach Into Spanish Call Centers

Artificial Solutions announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with nubeum, founded in 2010 as a specialized line of business within Voiceware Comunicaciones, a company with 15 years’ experience in the Contact Center sector, helping organizations use technology to manage their contact centers efficiently.

Based in Spain with a presence in Latin America, nubeum specializes in providing technology driven solutions for contact centers, CRM and business process automation that enhances enterprises’ relationship with its customers. The relationship will allow nubeum to strengthen its product portfolio by developing and implementing solutions that include Artificial Solutions’ highly sophisticated NLI technology, delivering a more efficient and dynamic way for nubeum’s clients to interact with their own customers.

Artificial Solutions’ Teneo platform is a fully integrated, customer interaction suite that uses intelligent, natural language interaction to enable customers to resolve their queries online or via a mobile app faster than ever before, using their own words, just as if they were talking directly to a contact center representative.

“We firmly believe that innovation is often the answer to today’s call center challenges, whether that’s lowering costs while answering more queries, optimizing first call resolution rates or still providing a personalized service even when using automated channels,” says Óscar Gordon, General Director of nubeum. “Working with Artificial Solutions enables us to offer our clients all of these options using the power of intelligent natural language interaction that integrates seamlessly into back end systems.”

By partnering with Artificial Solutions, nubeum will be able to benefit from a range of products that have a proven track record in the call center industry including Teneo Virtual Assistants that are able to think and interact just like a human – they even have a personality. It can answer questions, resolve issues, help find information, process transactions, cross-sell complementary products and services and so much more.

Teneo eMail Optimizer can help businesses significantly reduce the number of email bound queries. An intelligent web contact form, eMail Optimizer answers a significant proportion of emailed questions intuitively, before the customer even hits the send button. Teneo Mobile enables organizations to take advantage of the ubiquitous mobile phone and create their own virtual assistant as a mobile app, regardless of platform, mobile device and even language.

“nubeum’s passion for delivering innovative customer service projects to a range of banking , insurance and telecommunications clients makes them a perfect fit for Artificial Solutions,” says Michel Van Dorp, VP Channel Sales & Alliances at Artificial Solutions. “Together we can help their clients improve customer satisfaction and gain a significant competitive advantage through the use of intelligent natural language interaction.”

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