Natural Language Interaction is Top Dog for Pet Insurer Agria

Scandinavia’s leading pet insurer, Agria Djurförsäkring, is using Artificial Solutions’ Natural Language Interaction technology to help reduce inbound calls and emails and offer round the clock customer service.

Currently, the 30 strong Customer service-team at Agria Sweden answers on average 1200 calls and 150 emails every day. Wanting to extend the service it provides to its customers beyond its opening hours, Agria decided to implement a combination of Teneo Virtual Assistant “Kattis” and Teneo Email Optimizer to answer queries. As well as providing a superior service to its customers, Agria hopes to reduce inbound customer queries to its call center by 20%.

Kattis is built using Teneo Studio, a powerful and intuitive tool that puts non-technical users in charge of creating and developing intelligent virtual assistants. Since her launch in June, Kattis already averages around 700 dialogues a month, answering queries related to pet insurance and payments. In the future, Agria plans to expand her knowledge further based on analysis of types of questions that customers are asking Kattis to answer.

“Maximizing the use of online resources is key to improving customer satisfaction, whilst lowering call center costs,” says Fredrik Degerman, Traffic Manager of Agria. “We chose to work with Artificial Solutions because their technology makes it easy for us to maintain and add new knowledge to Kattis ourselves and not be reliant on third party contractors or specialist linguistic experts.”

In addition to Kattis, Agria has also implemented Teneo Email Optimizer that can resolve queries emailed online before the customer even presses the send button.
Customers wishing to communicate with Agria over email are presented with a typical web contact form, but as the customer types, Teneo eMail Optimizer analyzes and interprets the meaning of the words, displaying the answer alongside the contact form along with any relevant links. As the customer continues to type, the answer is continually refined based on the additional information until the question is complete and the most relevant answer is provided.

“Using email to interact with customers generally costs even more than an inbound call to a contact center and it can also be fraught with other issues such as delays in response times or protracted conversations through a succession of emails,” says Henrik Johansson, Sales Director Scandinavia, Artificial Solutions. “Providing an answer to their query before they’ve even pressed submit dramatically improves customer satisfaction. Trying to save money by simply excluding email as a contact option is not a customer friendly approach. However, by combining a smart contact strategy with the right kind of technology and organizational set ups, you can achieve lots of good results both in terms of quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction and of course cost savings. And most importantly – be able to free up time to invest in value bringing contacts.”

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