Intern Diary: Learning the purpose of SEO

Hello! It’s a very stressed marketing intern checking in again from a rainy Barcelona!

This Tuesday marks the beginning of (hopefully) the last finals that I ever take as an undergraduate college student! Which comes hand-in-hand with a bit of added stress! And I honestly can’t wait for exam period to be over.

I’ll check back in two weeks and let you know if I’ve made it out alive (as I’m currently running on caffeine and anxiety, I highly doubt it).

This past week came with a really long list of links of blog posts that needed to be optimized for search, but after many, many hours I got to go through all of them, and most of my part in fixing-up the website is almost done!

I also spent more time at the office last week and got to work with my coworkers a bit more. I have started to do small design projects for different departments, and I’m working in adding a bit of life to different sections of the website, especially the community tab for developers alongside Benjamin Kolz, of Customer Success.

Talking about the website, I’ve also been working alongside Monica Kutrowski, CRM specialist, on the launch of the website, and coming up with the different hero images that will differentiate the content pages in the main menu!

I’ve also taken up to help on the design of the annual report, and I think most of those images just need to be edited and they can finally be added to the final version of the report. I’ve been missing Yoleidy Carvajal, Head of Partner Marketing, because she’s been helping me throughout the process and she’s been off over the past week, but hopefully I will soon be able to ask her a million questions on the report.

In other news, being a (men’s) Barça team fan was fun yesterday for the first time in a while. The women’s team has yet to let me down, on the other hand, and I’m very excited for their Clásico moment that is also coming up this week (I will be going to the game at Camp Nou, if you happen to be around come say hi!).

Talking about women being cool, this week has come with many different #AiAllies posts from amazing women in partner organizations! Make sure you check out the stories of Kathy Turner, Joanna Runesson, and Samantha Sosa, all of which offer a perspective of entering STEM fields as a woman in different ways, whether it be from telecom, innovative companies like Spotify, or fintech.

That’s all from me this week! I have to go back to reviewing, wish me luck!  

I hope that this week is wonderful for everybody.