Intern Diary: A small landmark and big progress

Happy Monday and happy first full week in April!

This diary entry marks 2 months of the start of being the marketing intern at Artificial Solutions, so this is a small celebratory entry to mark this small milestone in my professional career!

This entry also marks the end of my final university exams! I honestly can’t believe that it is happening, and that I don’t have to keep studying for tests anymore? It all seems very surreal, and I haven’t really gotten to internalize it, yet. But right now, I’m just very excited about the end of the crazy period of my life of juggling classes alongside my internship!

It has definitely been a challenge to keep up with all the different responsibilities that I had, but I’m happy that I took the leap into doing an internship alongside my studies, so that I could get an insight into working in marketing before finishing up my degree and starting to look into the path that I want to keep following.

It was a learning curve at the beginning, especially because of everything that was going on in the company at the time, meeting-wise and strategy-wise, and especially in an industry that I had no knowledge about before (you can hear about that in my previous intern diary entry!), and a lot of the technical terms and buzzwords were brand new to me, so it was a lot of learning on the fly.

I’m thankful the team has been so understanding of the conflict of schedules and of responsibilities that I had, so I think if you’re also planning on doing an internship alongside your studies you definitely have to look for an opportunity that offers a certain level of flexibility, because I know of many that struggled a lot more because they didn’t get to go to classes or had to skip important lessons due to job responsibilities that they couldn’t get out of. I think flexibility is key to be able to make the double commitment work during a stressful period like exams, which are very time consuming.

Given that my life has been very, very busy this past week, I haven’t had many strict deadlines to meet (thank you, team!) but I’ve been planning ahead on some different future projects and we’re getting a new team member this week, I’m very excited to meet Marina, Demand Growth Specialist, and I will tell you all about our team adventures that happen this week in the next entry!

I’m glad I can dedicate 110% of my effort on being an intern now, though, because I only have my dissertation left, and can finally work full time, instead of running all around Barcelona trying to get from one place to the other!

Hope everybody has a wonderful month, and that nobody pranked you too hard on April Fool’s.