Intern Diary: An end, and a new beginning

intern diary

Hello!!! Happy Tuesday! And congratulations! You have made it through the entirety of my Intern Diary series! Or maybe you didn’t and you skipped over them just to read the end, which is totally valid and perfectly understandable and I’m not hurt at all by it, it’s fine. But, this is the last one of my ramblings (in this format, I am always ready to rant about any and everything).

I hope that you have enjoyed reading them (at least a little bit) and that maybe you smiled at least once at the little tidbits that make up my amusing life, and that you got a little bit of a glimpse of what it’s like to be an intern on a marketing team in this industry (or just an intern at Artificial Solutions in general, or maybe just an intern. Honestly, I just hope that you learned something about anything, and I’ll be happy).  

So, I’m very excited to announce that this is my last week as the Marketing Intern at Artificial Solutions!!!  

(Cue the dramatic celebratory music) (I’m imagining lots of horns and drumrolls and confetti)

And no, you don’t need to be sad, because I’m actually staying on the team! I know, I can’t believe it, either. Andrea, a full-time employee on a cool marketing team at a cool tech company. It’s a bit crazy.

This week is pretty big for me, I graduated university (it was very nice, and I didn’t trip while walking the stage which would have been very embarrassing but also very in character for me)! And I’m starting a job, like full-time, indefinite, with perks!

artificial solutions interns

(This is Laia and I, also a (previous) intern at Artificial Solutions, a long-time friend, and starting a full-time job this Friday with the company in the accounting department! We have weekly dates in the kitchen to drink some coffee and gossip, and we graduated together on Saturday!)

This Friday, I officially become the Junior Digital Marketer of the team, where I will hopefully continue to grow and learn and make mistakes and do my best to fix them and try to get things right and have fun!

Thank you so much for the team that has put in so much effort into helping me learn as many things throughout this internship as possible, and I’m very excited to keep growing together!

So, this is me signing off! Thank you for reading this far into the diary! I promise I won’t be tormenting your Linkedin feed so frequently now.

But who knows? Maybe you’ll continue to see me popping up every once in a while, maybe with another series, maybe in another format. *wink*