Great Expectations

In the not too distant future technology will have completely transformed the face of the consumer and company relationship. While the customer will have greater expectations and demands, companies must be more susceptible and responsive to changes in technology and consumer demands, and harness these trends as a platform from which to launch faster, more personal and ultimately better service.

The increasing influence of the online sphere in peoples consumer choices mean loyalty is harder to craft and maintain, particularly in a marketplace directed at reeling in first time customers and enticing other consumers from competitors. In order to construct the priceless relationship of trust, which will and should remain at the forefront of sales mentality, companies will have to provide distinguished customer service which is aligned with the technological trends of the day.

Though organizations will need to remain exceptional across all levels, one particular area which must evolve rapidly to fulfill increased customer needs is service agents, the main bridge between companies and consumers. Natural Language Interaction (NLI) is the future of service center assistance, and it will revolutionize their efficiency, acting as a support system for employees and customers alike. With the potential to be mobilized across a variety of platforms, primarily telephone communications will be enhanced by utilizing an intelligent assistant with NLI technology. Typically 30% of calls which would normally be directed to live service agents could be directed to a Virtual Assistant (VA), who, via NLI technology, could respond just as a human would; with equal sensitivity but with more accuracy.

Live service agents will still remain integral to customer satisfaction, but VAs, utilizing NLI to its maximum capacities, will enable a smaller team to focus their attention on areas which demand real expertise, high level service and human interaction, rather than answering routine questions. Live agents may also turn to Virtual Assistants to aid with their own queries, as VA’s have capacity and memory which no human possibly could match. As a support system, VA’s could shorten response times and increase accuracy, improving customer satisfaction every time.

In terms of the online world, while previously a FAQ system would have sufficed, customers will increasingly demand instantaneous responses which are specifically tailored to their needs. Once more VAs, which can understand and interpret a variety of queries posed in natural language and can respond appropriately and immediately, will be what differentiates organizations from the ordinary in the future.

What separates one VA from another is what clinches the deal. While NLI will inject perspicacity into automated services, not all VAs will provide the same quality of intelligent response. Artificial Solutions offers the pedigree of NLI technology, with ten years of experience building engines which surpass all others. Constantly adapting and advancing, Artificial Solutions’ underlying natural language engine was designed for the task of increasingly demanding customers, and built to make the most intelligent choices for technology of its kind.

To remain connected with both technology and the customer, companies must harness the opportunities artificial intelligence offers in coming years. Retaining customers and their satisfaction will be a challenge, particularly with increasingly demanding consumers coinciding with a shortage of skilled workers with the required blend of interpersonal and technical skills. These obstacles have a clear solution; targeted technology with an NLI interface, in the form of VAs, which will revolutionize service centers, and set apart one organization from the next.

Andy, who lives with his family in the UK, is Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Artificial Solutions. A regular speaker at industry conferences and events, Andy delivers insight on the rise of AI, the challenges businesses face and the future of intelligent conversational applications.

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