CPaaS and CAI Combined Deliver the Best Customer Experience for Businesses

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Covid-19 has changed how businesses work and how customers consume and interact with their brands. A major challenge for businesses is how to meet customer demands for omnichannel strategies, while handling limited access to employees.

CPaaS, or communications-platform-as-a-service, presents the best solution for organizations to integrate and augment the existing technologies contact centers already have. This way, contact centers can face heavy call volumes and enable remote workers to be more efficient while providing quality customer experience.

The combination of CPaaS with solutions like Conversational AI (CAI) can deliver market leading customer experiences. Consumers can interact with brands and receive personalized attention on any channel they want.

The results: business continuity, high customer satisfaction and strengthened brand loyalty.

Covid-19 Has Changed Digital Transformation Priorities

In the last decade, companies have been transforming due to new technological advances, the Internet and the usage growth of mobile phones and other devices.

These companies have not only had to implement digital transformation strategies to optimize their infrastructure, but they have also had to renovate their business culture and change the way they interact with their customers.

Consumer habits have also changed as a result of the facilities provided by new technologies. Significantly, the expectations they have regarding the brands they engage with are more demanding.

Customer experience has become a prime brand differentiator. With one-third of consumers saying that they would consider switching companies after a single case of poor customer service, the stakes are high.

Companies have long relied on contact centers, many of these based offshore to reduce costs, to ensure that customer satisfaction is up to standards, even when calmly constructing their digital transformation strategies, by focusing on other technologies.

The onset of Covid-19 has accelerated the focus and speed with which companies must deploy these strategies. In a question of months, the unhurried steps towards a digital culture have become a frantic rush.

Importantly, customer demands and habits have changed further due to confinement, social distancing and remote work.

Companies have had to react quickly to ensure business continuity, and the effect of Covid-19 on contact centers has been a heavy blow to businesses.

As a result of the pandemic, customers who have been unable to access physical stores have turned to contact centers to voice their concerns or seek assistance.

However, the abundance of calls has been met with a startling lack of access to human agents.

Businesses that relied on on-premise contact centers have faced major challenges due to Covid-19. Whether a contact center is onshore or offshore doesn’t matter anymore. The pandemic is worldwide. And even if some human agents are available to attend calls, they are often overwhelmed by the volume and the long queuesthat ensue.

With the risk of poor customer experiences threatening brand loyalty, companies have had to focus their digital transformation efforts on finding solutions to these problems.

The Importance of Delivering Omnichannel Capabilities

Setting up remote workers with equipment and the necessary bandwidth is only a temporary solution. But other issues such as flexibility, scalability, and the need to satisfy customer demands via omnichannel, 24/7 solutions mean that businesses must seek features such as chatbots, intelligent-routing, IVR, and workflow automation to remain competitive.

Choice is an important part of the customer experience and none more so than how people can interact with your business. But with a myriad of different communications tools and apps available, how can enterprises ensure that their conversational AI applications can connect with customers on a wide variety of channels?

CPaaS and Conversational AI can provide ideal solutions to ensure business continuity and a high-quality customer journey.

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Facilitating Two-way Communication and Increasing Efficiency

CPaaS operates as a cloud-based, back-end communications platform that allows you to embed voice, chat and video capabilities into your customer-facing applications.

With companies realizing that consumers want to communicate via varied messaging channels, focusing on separate solutions for each channel is an unviable approach that can result in siloed processes and customer frustration.

Consumers want continuity in their conversations. CPaaS provides this integration between all channels, so that human agents can interact with consumers in a channel-agnostic manner that is fully interconnected.

CPaaS also facilitates two-way communication and handovers between channels. This is especially relevant when addressing how some human agents are overburdened with queries and require the assistance of chatbots.

Consequently, contact center agents can work more efficiently, with chatbots tackling repetitive tasks and routing queries that require certain specialties and expertise. 

Deflecting calls and automating processes is only one of the many advantages of using chatbots. Chatbots can also assist human agents by monitoring conversations and providing insights, instant responses with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and user information to the human representative.

It is CPaaS that allows this fallback functionality to be added to the contact center’s application.

Real-time Communications Features That Are Easy to Deploy

CPaaS offers development frameworks for building real-time communications features so that companies do not have to build their own. To ensure that messages are sent seamlessly from one channel to another, application programming interfaces (APIs) enable each service to connect via a wide array of channels.

So, instead of connecting a different API for each individual channel, platforms such as Vonage allow enterprises to connect directly to customers on their preferred communication tool using a single API.

As CPaaS is cloud-based, there is no need to worry about additional infrastructure, carrier connectivity or maintenance support. This makes it easier for developers tasked with ensuring that business applications are available to popular communications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Having a strong omnichannel strategy improves the customer experience. This strategy needs to incorporate a seamless, integrated experience that includes all the multiple channels so that agents can have a complete view of a customer’s interactions and history.

By combining with other solutions like Conversational AI (CAI) platforms, agents will quicken their response times and provide higher quality assistance to their users

Yet, there have also been cases where the scarcity of human agents due to confinement has been such, that companies have looked to chatbots to provide all the assistance to their users.

CPaaS and CAI: the Perfect Combination

CPaaS technology complements Conversational AI by integrating chatbot interactions into the omnichannel experience. It enriches customer communications by enabling them to interact with your business on their preferred channel at any time of the day.

With only the best Conversational AI platforms providing proficient 24/7 services and linguistic resources to make these interactions as natural as possible, they still need communications platforms and APIs to automate these interactions and smoothen the customer journey.

CAI platforms like Teneo provide a multitude of connectors that enable enterprises to deliver their conversational AI applications to a wide number of channels and services. By developing a Teneo Connector especially for Vonage customers, it is easy to integrate conversational AI applications into existing Vonage platforms.

Alongside standards communications tools and channels, Vonage enables enterprises to connect to channels that don’t offer free APIs, or that use phone numbers to link to an app. The Vonage platform can also validate users using its phone number verification API to provide a fast and seamless login experience while maintaining their privacy.

By combining Teneo connectors with Vonage platforms, enterprises can enable their conversational AI applications to benefit from both a pre-built library of intelligent connectors that span a range of business and AI assets such as RPA while harnessing the power of back-office technology delivered by CPaaS.

Now enterprise chatbots can answer questions more precisely, such as approving a loan by integrating existing RPA sequences or using personalized information from a customer system to deliver contextually aware responses. The results of these processes can then be surfaced through the conversational AI application on the customer’s preferred channel using the Vonage platform.

With 85% of respondents to a survey believing that organizations could make better connections between people and things using newer technology, now has never been a better time to find out more about CPaaS and conversational AI.

Ensuring Business Continuity and a Quality Customer Journey

Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation in every sector. The sense of urgency for the digitalization of the customer experience must not be undermined. For many organizations during this period, digital channels and virtual assistants have been the only solutions to remain operational and ensure business continuity.

Consequently, the digitalization of both customer and employee experience has become a key element of many enterprise’s digital transformation strategies.

By optimizing how organizations engage with their employees and their customers, CPaaS can combine with solutions like Conversational AI to create customer conversations on any channel, while adapting to customer needs and enriching conversations with data and AI that can provide personalized and contextual interactions in a scalable and secure way. The pairing of CPaaS and Conversational AI l have become critical components for digital transformation and business continuity.

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Quick Start Contact Centre Augmentation with CAI and CPaaS

November 17 at 12pm SGT (3pm AEDT)

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