We speak your language

Language has so many subtle nuances it’s no wonder that some companies employ an army of computational linguistics just to deliver a single conversational interface that speaks one language.



Teneo—What’s the difference, and why it’s good news for the enterprise

Since the beginning of the year I’ve spoken at 12 conferences in 5 countries. Some are small niche events, others are global summits, but a question I’m most frequently asked is what is Teneo, and why is it gaining so much traction? Teneo enables enterprises to rapidly build a range of artificially intelligent natural language […]


artificial intelligence for business

Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language… So What?

This week, Artificial Solutions attended an innovation event organized in Barcelona by Co-Society that was around Artificial Intelligence. Our Head of Field Marketing EMEA, Josep Tarbal, reviewed it on LinkedIn: “It was a great opportunity to learn more about all the buzzwords that appear constantly in the media. But, the best part was being able to […]


what if trees could walk

What If Trees Could Walk?

Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest has never been more evident than in the monumental change facing businesses today. On paper it should be some of stalwarts of industry that are able to take advantage of the AI revolution, but in reality the victors will be those enterprises that are able to exploit their […]


333 ways to tell a joke

333 ways to ask for a joke

The fascinating thing about language is its staggering diversity, which shows up where you would least expect it. For example, the Oxford Dictionaries blog lists 22 ways to say “yes” in English [1], including expected words like “yes” and “OK”, and less common variants like “10-4”, “righto”, and “fo’shizzle”. This kind of diversity is interesting […]

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