BBVA Presents Nathalie, Their New Virtual Chat Agent

Artificial Solutions, the leader company on Customer Service Optimization (CSO), announced today that BBVA‘s Innovation Department in Spain has launched a Virtual Chat Agent solution for their new Intranet.

New Virtual Chat Agent

The Virtual Chat Agent (VCA) “Nathalie”, developed and implemented by Artificial Solutions, is part of the Innovation Department’s project to promote themselves internally amongst the BBVA staff. The project will also be evaluated in terms of the potential this type of technology has for clients as well as for employees. “Nathalie” is launched together with the new Intranet and will offer the 112.000 employees interactive help from the start.

Her job is to answer staff members’ questions regarding ongoing activities and projects, technology and general information about the department. “Nathalie’s” knowledge will keep on growing following the activity of the Innovation Department and depending on the employees’ need for more information. This is part of the ongoing maintenance of any VCA project implemented by Artificial Solutions.

“Implementing “Nathalie” on our Intranet is a great way to promote the use of our internal web as well as to test such a powerful technology and evaluate its potential for BBVA’s clients and employees. We are very excited about her and also highly satisfied with the work of Artificial Solutions”, says Beatriz Lara, Innovation Director, BBVA.

BBVA bank enjoys a solid leadership position in the Spanish market and around the world, employing 112,000 people in more than 30 countries. Inside the BBVA group in Spain, Innovation is the Technology and Operations’ department that evaluates, decides and incorporates the technologies and solutions that can give clear value to the bank, differentiating themselves in the market by building a sustainable competitive advantage.

“We are very pleased that BBVA has selected Artificial Solutions as partner for their new Virtual Chat Agent project. This project shows the great versatility of Customer Service Optimization (CSO) and how one can adapt the solution both for internal and external use”, says Lawrence Flynn, CEO, Artificial Solutions.

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