Artificial Solutions Wins Best Innovation in NLP at The AIconics


Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that it has won Best Innovation in NLP at The AIconics, the world’s only independent judge awards that celebrate the drive, innovation and hard work of the artificial intelligence community.

Artificial Solutions won for its Teneo™ platform that enables enterprises to rapidly build artificially intelligent, natural language applications from digital employees and mobile personal assistants, to bots, wearables and IoT interfaces—all from a single platform. OS and device independent, Teneo reduces development timescales through advanced intelligent features including machine learning and provides true conversational ability in 35 languages.

In addition, Teneo allows enterprises to keep control of their data with a powerful analytics suite that unlocks the knowledge held within millions of conversations. This information can then be used to optimize, not just the conversation, but business processes, product trends and reveal previously hidden revenue opportunities.

Speaking at this year’s awards Andy Peart, CMO said, “This award is affirmation that our technology in enabling enterprises to rapidly build a wide range of AI applications that can make an immediate impact to their business is vastly ahead of the competition. Already many of today’s largest global companies are using Teneo to further their AI strategy and we look forward to being able to share some of these amazing projects in the near future.”

Best Innovation in NLP is one of just six awards given at The AIconics. The award recognizes that Natural Language Processing sits at the heart of using AI to increase productivity and automate roles and tasks. Whether specifically focused on ‘understanding’, ‘generating’, or the end-to-end process itself – there is a great amount of potential for enterprises to adopt NLP into their organization, and this award champions the providers at the head of the curve. The winner was chosen by an independent judging panel, made up from a mixture of AI experts including academics and industry specialists.

The AIconics award winners were announced at The AI Summit in San Francisco on the 28th of September, at the Fort Mason Center.

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