Artificial Solutions Warns Against Customer Disconnect


Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, warned today that while technology has enabled businesses to increase operational efficiencies, it has disconnected them from their customers to the point that they are failing to acquire business critical data, essential for their future success.

“With shops disappearing off the high street, call centers diverting customers to the web and social data frequently owned by someone else, businesses no longer have the close interaction they once had with customers,” says Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions. “Aside from a few demographics, they have no idea who they are, why they bought a particular product, or what they are likely to purchase in the future. As a long term strategy the only outcome is failure.”

Left unresolved, the situation will deteriorate further as customers increasingly move to mobile, wearables and other devices. While businesses are following their customers, they offer only cut down versions of their website, limiting the interaction even further. But a few enterprises have recognized that this disconnection gives them an advantage. An opportunity to capture customers no longer loyal to a brand they have connection to and natural language is helping them achieve their goals.

Take for instance the NLI implementation at Skruvat, the Nordic’s biggest online car parts retailer.
Skruvat is following a new trend in virtual assistants; one that no longer positions the virtual assistant as an avatar focal point that pops-up when a user starts to interact, but instead embeds humanlike natural language capability into the entire website as an intelligent automated assistant that listens and provides informed answers.

It is also the gatekeeper to other customer communication channels. For example, when handing over to a live agent, Teneo provides not just a note of questions asked, but also the details of the Skruvat web pages the customer has visited. This gives the live agent a wealth of background information with which to help the customer faster and more effectively. All of the data gathered is then analyzed by Teneo and used not only to make improvements to the website but also to develop Skruvat’s long term business and capitalize on future market trends.

Six months after implementation Teneo was handling 54% of queries automatically. With calls deflected away from the contact centre, manpower resources were now available to focus on increasing the visitor to sales conversion rate. At strategic points in the Skruvat website, customers are offered live chat to help them with their purchasing decisions aided by the data already gather by Teneo. (For more information, download the case study)

“The next generation of intelligent digital employees puts the balance of acquiring and controlling customer information back to businesses,” says Andy Peart. “Not only are they capable of conversing automatically with customers across their chosen channels – be it web, mobile – or in the future wearables, helping to rebuild the customer relationship. But by understanding these automated conversations, business are able to build a detailed understanding of customer views, sentiment, likes and dislikes and key trends, derived from what they are saying.”

Teneo from Artificial Solutions helps organizations redress the balance by interpreting millions of natural language conversations sourced from NLI-apps, live-chat, social and other natural language mediums to deliver big-data natural language understanding and insight. This information enables organizations to understand user trends, likes, dislikes, sentiment and more through the analysis of natural language interactions.

At the same time this analysis can be used to customize each interaction to an individual, delivering a more personalized, satisfactory interaction that further encourages the customers to continue the conversation and offer even more valuable data.

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