AI Summit in New York with keynote speech by Artificial Solutions

Ai summit New York

Artificial Solutions®, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that Lawrence Flynn, CEO, will be giving a keynote speech on Thursday at the AI Summit in New York.

Lawrence will consider the importance of data to the development of artificially intelligent applications and its importance in surviving the digital economy.
The AI Summit is the world’s largest conference and exhibition to look at the practical implications of AI for enterprise organizations. Taking place in New York, 1 December 2016, the gathers 350+business CxOs, AI innovators, and acclaimed researchers.

Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions is also presenting a workshop that looks at some of the problems in developing conversational applications including a lack of training data, scarce developer resources and the complexities of multi-lingual applications. It then considers how organizations can overcome these to build conversational understanding into their AI application in an intelligent way.

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