Artificial Solutions Launches Antidote to Chatbot Frustration


Artificial Solutions (FNSE:ASAI), the leading specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, announced today the general availability of Teneo Developers, a portal created to help developers frustrated by the lack of capability and intelligent design in the general chatbot marketplace today.

“The majority of conversational AI development tools don’t cut it in the real world,” says Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions. “You can build a bot to perform simple ‘slot filling’ tasks, but more complex dialogs will need to be built from scratch in code and that’s just the beginning of the challenges. Developers are frustrated and it’s not their fault, it’s the result of using technology that hasn’t matured enough for the enterprise environment. We’ve created Teneo Developers to provide a haven that supports developers needs backed by a proven technology that is already delivering complex, advanced conversational applications worthy of the name AI.”

Teneo Developers provides a wealth of resources to enable developers to take their chatbot ideas beyond what other development tools offer. Straight out of the box Teneo improves language understanding with its unique hybrid natural language model that combines the advantages of machine learning with a native understanding of language itself. This facilitates rapid development and delivers precise and predictable understanding.

But the Teneo advantage doesn’t just stop there, it goes beyond fixing chatbot frustration.

Combining deep linguistic understanding with world class dialog management, Teneo offers more than the simple intent recognition of many of its competitors. The platform supports contextually aware, multi-step dialogs that actually fulfil the user’s requirements. With intelligent features such as task switching and task resumption, disambiguation and dynamic responses the result is a humanlike experience — delivered to any channel.

“Though many won’t admit it publicly, developers are struggling to get chatbots to behave as expected — no matter how hard they try to fix them. With Teneo Developers we’re providing an environment where developers can come and teach themselves about the platform, try out their ideas and discover the ease with which they can build advanced conversational AI applications that actually work,” says Andy Peart, CMSO of Artificial Solutions.

One of the reasons enterprises want to implement conversational applications is because of the valuable data generated. Developers can uniquely access this information within the same unified IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that the application is built in allowing for rapid application optimization, even in large complex installations, while minimizing maintenance overheads. An independent report has shown that conversation applications built in competitive products take an estimated 300% more maintenance effort than those built with Teneo.

Developers will also appreciate some of the other features of Teneo. It can handle dates and time concepts, an essential part of a conversation that competitor products are incapable of doing automatically. Teneo includes a large number of connectors such as SDKs, channels and APIs to enable the built application to run over numerous platforms. And while the free 90 day evaluation is currently only available in English, German and French with more languages to follow, the full version of Teneo allows developers to build and port their applications in 32 other languages from Basque to Ukrainian.

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